A nostalgic video of Prince William and Prince Harry reminiscing about their royal childhood while watching archived footage has gained popularity on social media amid recent claims of tension between the brothers.

Following the release of Prince Harry's groundbreaking memoir, Spare, in January, which detailed the strained relationship between him and his brother, royal enthusiasts have been sharing clips of the two princes from various stages of their lives. Harry released the memoir after stepping back from his role as a working royal with Meghan Markle in 2020, attributing the decision to family and staff conflicts and the invasive British tabloid press.

During a 60 Minutes interview with Anderson Cooper, Harry stated that his memoir aimed to dispel the misconception that Meghan was responsible for the brothers' fractured relationship, asserting that they were never as close as the public believed.

The resurfaced clip, originally part of the 2016 documentary Elizabeth at 90: A Family Tribute, features the brothers reacting to Prince Harry's 1984 christening at Windsor Castle and their late mother, Princess Diana. Shared by TikTok user Merlin7328, the video has amassed over 1 million views, 70,000 likes, and 100 comments.

In the clip, Prince Harry asks his brother, "Do you remember your little brother being born?" to which William replies, "No, not really, I must have only been two." The princes then jokingly discuss the traditional royal christening gown, with William teasing, "Hard to tell if you're a boy or a girl in that sort of dress."

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As they watch footage of Diana, Harry compliments her appearance, saying, "Mummy looks great in blue," and jokes about the christening gown, "I'm still not convinced about the dress that I'm in!"

Some TikTok commenters praised the brothers, while others lamented their reported rift. One user wrote, "The boys need to talk," while another expressed appreciation for their continued affection for Diana, saying, "Love that they still call Diana 'mummy.'"

Prince William and Harry were last seen together in public in September 2022 during Queen Elizabeth II's state funeral commemorations. In Spare, Harry made serious accusations against his brother, including an alleged physical altercation in 2019. So far, neither William nor the royal family has publicly addressed the book or its claims.

In his interview with Cooper, Harry revealed that he and William were not currently on speaking terms but expressed hope that they would "be able to find peace" in the future.