Kate Middleton reportedly harbors ongoing resentment toward Meghan Markle, Prince Harry's wife, as a result of missing a final visit with the late Queen Elizabeth on her deathbed, according to revelations in a new book by royal author Robert Jobson.

RadarOnline.com has discovered that the relationship between Kate and Meghan became even frostier when Kate stayed in Windsor while other royals made their way to Queen Elizabeth's side in September 2022. The Princess of Wales made the difficult decision to stay behind to convince Meghan to do the same, as explained by Jobson, who added that Kate opted to care for her children rather than leave them with relatives or a caretaker.

"The King said it was only for the children and grandchildren to be with the Queen," Jobson alleged, with Charles emphasizing that it was "not appropriate for wives to attend" even though Prince Edward's wife, Sophie Wessex, had traveled to Balmoral. Jobson continued, "Privately, he wanted to say Meghan was not welcome," and claimed that Charles "personally intervened and asked Kate to stay back so that it was fairer on Meghan."

Kate, who "wanted to be there with the Queen," agreed to stay in Windsor while Prince William joined his father to bid farewell to Queen Elizabeth. Prince Harry did not arrive at the estate before his grandmother's passing at the age of 96.

In his memoir, Spare, the Duke of Sussex recalled whispering to Queen Elizabeth that he "hoped she would be happy" and be reunited with Prince Philip, who had died a year earlier at the age of 99. Harry expressed admiration for his grandmother, who had "fulfilled her duties until the very end."

Buckingham Palace confirmed that Harry will attend King Charles' coronation on May 6, while Meghan will remain in the United States to care for their children, Archie and Lilibet.

RadarOnline.com previously reported that Harry was "snubbed" during his brief visit to the U.K. in March, adding to rumors of persistent family tension after the release of his Netflix series and memoir. A royal insider revealed, "In fairness, Kate and William may not have been aware that Harry was coming, but they didn't hang around for long after hearing he had landed at Heathrow Airport. They drove to the countryside with their three children for the Easter holidays."

Sources claim that even William and Kate's children have formed opinions about their Aunt Meghan and Uncle Harry. "George and Charlotte can't figure out what happened," shared one insider, as exclusively reported by RadarOnline.com. "They don't understand why Harry and Meghan are so mean to their parents. They seem to be blaming Meghan - maybe because their mom and dad do."