The alarming event that unfolded on May 16 continues to spark debates, as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle grappled with a perilous car pursuit in New York City after attending a charity event. According to a statement by their spokesperson, this distressing car chase, caused by relentless paparazzi, extended over two hours, leading to several near misses with other vehicles, pedestrians, and two NYPD officers. However, criticism and skepticism quickly rose, casting doubt on the narrative of the event.

The taxi driver who chauffeured the royal couple and Meghan's mother, Doria Ragland, back home contradicted the issued statement. "The trip lasted only about 10 minutes, and it was nowhere near resembling a high-speed car chase scene from a film," he said in an interview. The driver described the couple as seemingly frightened but maintained that New York City is safe.

Sources close to the royal pair revealed their shock at the response their ordeal has received. They told Us Weekly, "For the Sussexes, it's been bewildering and painful to see their experience, which they firmly assert was in no way overstated, come under such intense scrutiny and doubt."

Regardless, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are resolved to stand their ground, the source added, "Contrary to the notion that they'd choose to hide or be intimidated by this incident and the subsequent criticism, they're more determined than ever to advocate for themselves and speak up against perceived injustice." They insist on their resilience in the face of adversity, and they remain committed to engaging actively with the public, undeterred by the events of that troubling night in New York City.

Harry and Meghan Stand Firm Amid Controversy Over NYC Car Chase Incident

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, are expressing dismay at the skepticism surrounding their recent car chase incident in New York City.

Contrary to the backlash they've been receiving, the royal couple affirms that their account of the high-speed chase involving aggressive paparazzi was far from embellished. A source close to them reported to Us Weekly, "The couple feels deeply hurt and taken aback by those challenging the severity of the incident. Their story was in no way inflated, and to suggest otherwise is deeply disrespectful."

Regardless of the criticism, Harry and Meghan refuse to retreat. The same source added, "This incident has only steeled their determination to continue advocating for themselves, and they will continue to speak up whenever they feel misrepresented."

Publicist Ashley Hansen firmly refuted any speculations that the incident was contrived for publicity. "Given the Duke's traumatic past linked to paparazzi, it's grossly insensitive to think that this could be a publicity maneuver," Hansen told Page Six, alluding to the tragic death of Princess Diana in a similar situation in 1997.

The royal couple recounted their harrowing experience of being pursued by a pack of paparazzi for over two hours after leaving the Women of Vision Awards, where Meghan was recognized for her advocacy. They were joined by Meghan's mother, Doria Ragland. An insider shared with Page Six that the pursuit began with twelve paparazzi, dwindling down to four who persisted in following them, despite security's best efforts.

The unsettling event has raised comparisons to the fatal car crash that took Princess Diana's life when fleeing from paparazzi. Prince Harry has previously shared his deep resentment for paparazzi, associating them with his mother's tragic passing.

The NYPD confirmed they are investigating the incident, stating, "The royal couple's transport was challenged by several photographers. However, they reached their destination without any reported collisions, summons, injuries, or arrests."

Photo agency Backgrid USA, some of whose photographers were allegedly involved in the chase, maintained that they had no intention of causing distress or harm. They issued a statement to "ET," affirming their commitment to journalistic ethics and transparency.

Meanwhile, Meghan and Harry's taxi driver, Sukhcharn "Sonny" Singh, confirmed the incident was intense but didn't find it threatening. "ET's" source further highlighted that the incident brought back painful memories for Harry, echoing his mother's tragic end.