The finale of the Premier League season was marred by a series of violent incidents, as disappointed fans from Leeds United and Leicester City responded to their respective teams' relegation with chaotic behavior.

In the wake of a crushing 1-4 defeat to Tottenham, Leeds supporters attempted an aggressive invasion of the pitch. Disturbing videos from the scene show fans throwing punches at police officers and stadium stewards in an effort to breach the security perimeter.

Security personnel responded by forming a human shield to prevent an escalation of the situation. However, the unrelenting crowd continued to push against the barrier, prompting the Elland Road authorities to deploy pepper spray in an attempt to control the increasingly hostile crowd.

The ensuing chaos saw police officers and stewards knocked to the ground and children caught in the turmoil. It remains unknown whether any arrests were made or significant injuries occurred, but it is highly likely several individuals were injured in the unrest sparked by Leeds' confirmed relegation to the Championship.

Despite the off-pitch chaos, Tottenham maintained control on the field, with Captain Harry Kane scoring twice, and additional contributions from Pedro Porro and Lucas Moura. Leeds' only consolation came from Jack Harrison's lone goal, but this did little to pacify the irate home crowd.

Leeds' only hope for avoiding relegation was contingent on multiple outcomes that, unfortunately for them, did not materialize, condemning them to Championship play alongside Southampton and Leicester.

Shockingly, Leicester City supporters directed their frustrations at each other despite the team securing a 2-1 victory over West Ham United. Their win was not enough to escape relegation, as Everton's 1-0 triumph over Bournemouth ensured Leicester's descent.

The situation at King Power Stadium was likened to a civil war, with fans engaging in altercations amidst a bitter atmosphere of disappointment. This is a striking fall from grace for a team that won the Premier League title in a dramatic fashion back in 2016.

Dean Smith, who took over as Leicester's manager with only eight games remaining in the season, expressed his disappointment. He admitted to focusing on his team's performance rather than Everton's result. Smith's future with Leicester remains uncertain as he considers his next steps in the wake of the relegation. "At the moment it's raw because we've been relegated," Smith reflected.