It seems the Duke and Duchess of Sussex may face future regret about the family dynamic they're creating for their children, according to esteemed former editor of Vanity Fair, Graydon Carter. He expressed concerns over the couple's decision to distance their children, Archie and Lilibet, from the royal family.

In his conversation with the Telegraph, Carter prophesied the couple would rue their decision to isolate their children from their royal cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. "There is an impending sense of regret that will dawn upon them eventually," he foretold. "Depriving their children of familial bonds is a choice that may come back to bite them."

Carter, 73, also cast aspersions on the Sussexes' choice of residence in Montecito, California. Labeling the location as "God's waiting room", he claimed the $14.6 million mansion-based town offers little for the young family. Carter argued, "This place is virtually devoid of any kind of stimulation for youngsters. The expense alone precludes many young families from settling here."

The seasoned Canadian journalist, who spent significant years in New York, also shared his skepticism over the couple's recent incident involving a 'car chase' in Manhattan. Harry and Meghan, along with their representatives, labeled the incident as a two-hour-long "near-catastrophic" chase by the paparazzi after they attended the Women of Vision Awards.

Carter, however, questioned the veracity of the Sussexes' claims. He quipped, "In my half-century living in New York, traversing the city at a speed beyond 3 miles per hour is a pipe dream. Their story seemed to lack credibility upon first reading."

While police reports did confirm the absence of a high-speed pursuit, they noted a vehicle did mount a curb and narrowly avoided hitting two uniformed police officers.

Despite expressing disinterest in the British monarchy, Carter admitted to deriving a certain pleasure from observing the royal saga. "Their trials and tribulations make for a compelling watch. Their successes, on the other hand, are rather mundane."

However, the veteran journalist did impart some advice to Prince Harry and Meghan, cautioning them to step back from the limelight. Carter suggested, "Overexposure risks public fatigue. For public figures like them, maintaining an air of mystery could be their most potent weapon."

Reflecting on their past decisions, he concluded, "Their choices, thus far, appear to be a textbook example of missteps."