BTS's Jin has hit another milestone as his music video for 'The Astronaut' surpasses 90 million views, continuing its soaring popularity.

Released on October 28th of the previous year, Jin's debut solo single 'The Astronaut' music video achieved 90 million views on YouTube by September 7th. As of the morning of the 9th, the view count has surged past 90.28 million, with the 100 million mark just around the corner.

The 'The Astronaut' music video showcased its power by reaching 1 million views within 15 minutes of its release, 10 million views in 12 hours and 30 minutes, and 30 million views in just 4 days. Additionally, it garnered 1 million 'likes' in just 1 hour and 4 minutes, and 3 million in 13 hours, demonstrating its overwhelming popularity. As of the morning of the 9th, the 'likes' have surpassed 5.39 million.

The music video captivated viewers with Jin's delicate and sensual portrayal of an 'alien' who has crash-landed on Earth. The mysterious and aesthetic sound and visuals evoked the feeling of watching a sci-fi movie, creating a significant buzz. Immediately after its release, the music video received explosive reactions, securing the top spot on the 'Global YouTube Music Trending' from October 28th to November 13th, setting a record for 17 consecutive days, the longest in K-pop history.

Previously, Jin's self-composed solo track 'Super Tuna' music video held the record for 16 consecutive days at the top spot, making Jin the first K-pop solo artist to hold both the longest and second-longest records on 'Global YouTube Music Trending'.

Furthermore, in addition to holding the top spot on 'Global YouTube Music Trending' for 17 consecutive days, it charted for 37 consecutive days, topped the 'YouTube Global Popular Music Video' for 5 consecutive days and charted for 19 days, and also topped the 'South Korea Rising Popular Music' chart while charting for 24 consecutive days. Additionally, it debuted at number one on YouTube's weekly 'Global Top Song' and 'Global Top Music Video' charts, charting for two consecutive weeks. On the 'YouTube Weekly Chart' released on December 2nd (covering November 25th to December 1st), 'The Astronaut' ranked 51st on 'Korea Popular Music Video' and 79th on 'Korea Top Song', marking its 5th consecutive week on the chart, showcasing Jin's immense solo power sweeping global YouTube charts.

Meanwhile, even 10 months after its release and during Jin's military service hiatus, 'The Astronaut' ranked 1st on Apple Music Paraguay's Top Video and 4th on the Top Song chart on August 26th, highlighting the global superstar Jin's influence and unparalleled presence.