Meghan Markle and Prince Harry recently relished their time at the 2023 Invictus Games. However, the royal family's response to the event has been notably muted. The Invictus Games, an initiative launched by Prince Harry during his tenure as a working royal, continued to thrive even after his departure from royal duties.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex journeyed to Germany to partake in the Invictus Games. Yet, there was a conspicuous absence of commentary from the royal family regarding the event. Despite the widespread acclaim the Invictus Games has garnered, Harry's kin have chosen to remain silent on its success. Lady Colin Campbell, a Jamaican-born British writer and socialite, posited that the senior royals might find it challenging to publicly acknowledge the Invictus Games, given Harry's recent criticisms of the family.

She remarked, "How can the royals endorse anything that Harry and Meghan are doing without endorsing the lies and accusations they've made about them?" Campbell further suggested that the best course of action for the royals would be to "totally ignore Harry and Meghan and anything they do."

Campbell believes that the continuous critiques from Meghan and Harry have contributed to the monarchy's reticence. Harry's relationships, particularly with his father, King Charles, and brother, Prince William, have been strained due to revelations from his memoir Spare, his candid 2021 interview, and the Netflix series centered on him and Meghan.

Royal expert Katie Nicholl disclosed that Prince William is not prepared to mend fences with his brother in the near future. She stated, "Prince William is still incredibly upset with Harry's autobiography, which cast William in a rather unfavorable light."

In his memoir, Spare, Prince Harry made startling claims, including an incident where he alleged that the Prince of Wales had physically assaulted him. Nicholl elaborated on the deep-seated animosity, mentioning a specific account where William reportedly pushed Harry, causing him to fall onto a dog bowl. The revelations in Spare have made reconciliation challenging.

"William really just cannot find it in his heart at the moment to forgive his brother for what he's done," Nicholl shared. She also highlighted that Kate, the Princess of Wales, who has always shared a close bond with Harry, was deeply hurt by some of the accounts in the memoir.

The overarching sentiment within the royal family appears to be one of betrayal, further complicating the prospects of reconciliation. As the royals navigate these tumultuous waters, the world watches, waiting for the next chapter in this ongoing saga.