In a recent development within the British Royal Family, Prince William's relationship with his brother Prince Harry remains strained, despite King Charles III's attempts to mend bridges. Insights from Omid Scobie's book "Endgame" and various sources close to the royal family reveal the depth of the rift between the two princes.

Scobie's book highlights the irrevocable damage to William and Harry's relationship, with one of William's friends stating, "He absolutely fucking hates him." The source emphasized the betrayal felt by William, as he believes Harry sold out their family for financial gain through media deals. This stark contrast in attitudes extends to their father, Charles, who has shown a willingness to reconcile with Harry.

The tension escalated after Harry's recent conversation with Charles on his birthday, which some saw as a potential turning point. However, William's stance remains unchanged. He is reportedly unwilling to forgive Harry's public airing of private matters, including allegations made in his memoir, "Spare." The book referred to William as Harry's "archnemesis," deepening the wound between them.

An old friend of William's commented on the situation, pointing out the depth of the brothers' former bond and the magnitude of the perceived betrayal. "How would you feel if your best friend revealed all your personal secrets to the newspapers?" the friend asked, suggesting that William's feelings of betrayal are profound.

Despite Charles' more conciliatory approach, the prospects of a reconciliation between William and Harry appear dim. Sources indicate that neither brother is inclined to apologize, particularly Harry, who is unlikely to do so while married to Meghan Markle. The ongoing feud, rooted in deep personal grievances, seems far from resolution.

Royal experts and insiders have noted the complexity of the situation, with Charles reportedly angry about the distress Harry's actions caused the late Queen Elizabeth II. Charles' protective nature towards his wife, Camilla, and his commitment to the monarchy, have influenced his handling of the situation with Harry. While he remains open to rebuilding his relationship with his younger son, he has reportedly rejected Harry's demands for an apology.

Observers of the royal family, including experts and aides, hold out hope for a resolution, recognizing the negative impact of the rift on the House of Windsor. Katie Nicholl, a royal expert, shared that some within the royal circles are optimistic about a potential reconciliation, despite the current challenges.

The ongoing feud between William and Harry, highlighted in Scobie's "Endgame" and corroborated by various sources, underscores the complexities and personal pain within the royal family. As King Charles III navigates these turbulent family dynamics, the future of the brothers' relationship remains uncertain.

The Daily Beast and additional royal sources contributed to this report.