Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has revealed that he has faced numerous assassination attempts since the Russian invasion began last year. In a candid interview, Zelensky compared these repeated attempts on his life to enduring bouts of COVID-19, indicating a desensitization to the continuous threats he faces.

Zelensky detailed how Ukraine's intelligence services have successfully thwarted "five or six" plots to eliminate him. These attempts began from the first day of Russia's full-scale invasion when Russian special forces landed in Kyiv with the mission to assassinate him. The Ukrainian President's office was rapidly transformed into a fortress, with close aides and bodyguards fortifying the location and arming themselves. Despite the imminent threat, Zelensky famously declined evacuation offers, asking instead for ammunition to defend the capital.

Despite these dangers, Zelensky remains committed to his role and the fight against Russian aggression. He shared his perspective on the continuous assault, stating, "The first one is very interesting, when it is the first time, and after that, it is just like COVID." This analogy underscores his resilience and the normalization of high-risk circumstances under his leadership.

In the interview, Zelensky addressed the ongoing conflict and dismissed claims of a stalemate, asserting that the Ukrainian spirit remains unbroken. "In the morale, there is no stalemate," he said, emphasizing the resilience and determination of the Ukrainian people to reclaim their territory. This statement comes as Ukraine continues to resist Russian advances, despite the challenges of controlling the skies and a lack of technological parity in some areas.

Zelensky revealed insights into Russian plans, citing an operation named "Maidan 3," aimed at changing Ukraine's presidency. He highlighted this as a potential strategy by Russia that does not necessarily involve assassination but could use various means to achieve its goal.

As winter sets in, Zelensky acknowledged the challenges that both sides face in making significant territorial gains due to ground conditions. Despite this, the Ukrainian leader's visit to Washington last week signaled ongoing support and collaboration with international allies.

In a bold statement, Zelensky asserted that Ukraine would have every right to assassinate Russian President Vladimir Putin if it protects the country and its people. This stark admission underscores the high stakes and intensity of the ongoing conflict. The Kremlin has responded to Zelensky's comments, dismissing them as ineffective verbal attacks.

Throughout the interview, Zelensky's determination and resilience were evident. The Ukrainian President remains steadfast in his mission to defend his country against Russian aggression, despite the personal risks involved. His leadership has become a symbol of Ukraine's resistance and the unyielding spirit of its people in the face of adversity.