Alina Kabaeva, the reputed long-time lover of Russian President Vladimir Putin, has reportedly vanished following allegations that she was the source of rumors regarding Putin's purported death. This mysterious development has intrigued observers and fueled speculation about the inner workings of the Kremlin.

According to a report from General SVR, a Russian Telegram channel, Kabaeva was last seen on October 22 at a gymnastics event in Sochi. The channel, which first claimed Putin died on October 25 after suffering a "horrific" heart attack, has also suggested that Kabaeva was placed under house arrest following these events. Additionally, there are claims that a doppelgänger may have replaced Putin in his official capacity.

British Professor Anthony Glees, in an interview with Daily Star, has posited that if Kabaeva indeed leaked these rumors, her disappearance could signify a punitive measure. Glees indicated that such a scenario would align with Putin's preference for maintaining a shroud of mystery and rumor around his reign.

He further commented on the situation, saying, "The deep truth is that Russia still is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma as Churchill put it."

The speculation surrounding Putin's health and Kabaeva's role has added another layer of intrigue to the already opaque Russian political landscape. Rumors of Putin's serious illness, possibly even his death, have been circulating, with Glees among those who initially believed these claims might be credible. He cited the immense stress Putin faces from the ongoing war in Ukraine and the management of internal and external political relationships as potential factors contributing to these rumors.

Kremlin insiders have claimed that Kabaeva currently does not control her own freedom, further fueling speculation about her role in the dissemination of these rumors. The theories about Putin's potential health issues and the use of a lookalike, while unverified, have not been quelled by the Kremlin's repeated denials.

The situation presents a perplexing puzzle, with the disappearance of Kabaeva and the swirling rumors about Putin's health leaving more questions than answers. The lack of verifiable information and the Kremlin's tight control over state secrets only add to the enigmatic nature of these developments.