The future of the group BLACKPINK remains uncertain.

The renewal of BLACKPINK's contract with YG Entertainment continues to attract public attention. Various theories have emerged, including individual agency establishments, Rosé's solo renewal, and multi-billion contract rumors. However, YG has not confirmed any of these speculations, maintaining that discussions are ongoing.

Having debuted in August 2016, BLACKPINK celebrated their 7th anniversary this year. Their exclusive contract with YG expired in August, but three months later, the status of their renewal remains unclear, with only rumors circulating.

YG recently updated the artist profiles on their official website following the debut of their new group, BabyMonster. The updated profiles feature groups like BIGBANG, BLACKPINK, Treasure, BabyMonster, AKMU, WINNER, and Sechskies. All four individual profiles of BLACKPINK members are listed.

Especially notable is that while BIGBANG's group profile remains, the individual profiles of G-Dragon, who left YG in June, and Taeyang, who moved to YG's subsidiary THEBLACKLABEL in December last year, have been removed. In contrast, the individual profiles of all four BLACKPINK members are still present, leading to speculation that a renewal with YG might be imminent.

Recently, all four BLACKPINK members made headlines by appearing together after two months. On the 21st, they attended a state banquet at Buckingham Palace, hosted by the British Royal Family, and on the 22nd, received an Order of the British Empire from King Charles III at a cultural and artistic encouragement event.

In September, BLACKPINK concluded their 'BLACKPINK World Tour 'Born Pink' Finale in Seoul' at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul, promising fans, "Thank you for being with us from the start, let's be together for a long time. We'll continue to be an amazing BLACKPINK." This has fueled fans' hopes for the group's renewal.

As New Sister Group BabyMonster Debuts, Fans Await News on BLACKPINK's Renewal with YG
(Photo : YG Entertainment )
As New Sister Group BabyMonster Debuts, Fans Await News on BLACKPINK's Renewal with YG

Amidst ongoing speculation about BLACKPINK's renewal, their junior group, BabyMonster, debuted on November 27. Despite initial delays and member withdrawals, BabyMonster has received significant attention since their debut.

On YouTube, their debut song "Batter Up" set a new record for a K-pop group's debut song with 22.59 million views in 24 hours. The group also achieved first place on Japan's Line Music Music Video Chart and AWA's Hot Trending Song Real-time Chart, and topped China's largest music platform QQ Music's 'Music Index Chart'. Additionally, they secured the first place in song charts in 21 countries on iTunes and reached the fourth place on the Worldwide Chart.

As BLACKPINK's junior group starts to make history, the question of when BLACKPINK's future will be decided, and when YG will provide a definite answer, remains of great interest.