During a recent live broadcast, BLACKPINK's Jisoo expressed her hope for the group's presence at music award shows, stirring up fans' excitement and speculation.

On December 1 (KST), online communities buzzed with discussions regarding Jisoo's mention of a "awards show tour" during a live broadcast.

Jisoo recently clinched the 'Best Female Artist,' 'Best Music Video,' and 'Best Dance Performance Female Solo' awards at the '2023 MAMA' in Tokyo Dome, Japan, achieving a remarkable 'Triple Crown.'

However, Jisoo's absence from the '2023 MAMA' event and lack of a separate acceptance speech video left fans feeling disappointed.

Jisoo also expressed her regret about missing the event, revealing to fans, "I told the members, whether alone or together as BLACKPINK, let's go on an awards show tour." She raised expectations by telling fans to "meet at the awards shows with good music," and in response to fans saying they would wait, she promised, "I won't make you wait long."

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(Photo : BLACKPINK /Instagram)

As BLACKPINK has grown into a group representing K-pop globally, their rare appearances on domestic stages or at year-end music award shows have always been a point of longing for fans. Amidst ongoing uncertainty regarding their contract renewal, fans are highly curious about BLACKPINK's next move.

Amidst this, Jisoo's suggestion to her fellow BLACKPINK members about touring award shows is being interpreted by netizens as a "signal for contract renewal" or "hints of contract renewal," prompting optimistic predictions about the group's future.

Netizens are expressing their excitement with comments like, "Can't wait to see BLACKPINK as a complete group at awards shows," "Hoping to see them early next year at the awards," "Wishing for a full-group comeback and appearance together at awards," and "Jisoo really knows the fans best, grateful for these contract renewal hints."

Meanwhile, in response to inquiries about BLACKPINK's contract renewal, their agency YG Entertainment has only stated that the matter is "under discussion."