With the news of BTS's V applying for the special forces unit, the spotlight is on celebrities who have served in these elite military groups. Known for their rigorous selection process and challenging missions, the special forces attract attention for their tough standards. There's growing curiosity about why these celebrities, who already have significant public influence, choose this arduous path.

According to industry sources on December 1, BTS members RM and V are scheduled to enter Nonsan Army Training Center on January 11 next year. Among them, V has applied for the Capital Defense Command's special mission unit, a military police unit responsible for anti-terror missions. This special forces group performs tasks such as anti-terror operations, VIP protection, arresting armed deserters, and general disaster rescue.

Special mission soldiers undergo a stringent selection process, including paperwork, interviews, and physical assessments, and are actively involved in operations. In practical terms, they undergo intensive physical training and learn special combat martial arts, shooting skills, building and helicopter rappelling techniques, and more.

Several celebrities have previously joined special forces units, realizing the value of national defense duty.

Oh Seung-min of All Lies Band, Former Army Capital Defense Command Special Forces

Oh Seung-min from All Lies Band is a former member of the Army's Capital Defense Command Special Forces. The Special Forces Brigade primarily undertakes limited special missions compared to the Special Warfare Command, such as neutralizing enemy special forces infiltrating the rear.

In an interview, Oh shared, "I only remember getting hit in the military." However, he added, "In the military, I realized that everyone is valuable. I try not to forget that realization even after my discharge."

Singer Park Gun, Former Special Warfare Command Non-Commissioned Officer

Before becoming a singer, Park Gun was a non-commissioned officer in the Special Warfare Command. In his third year at the Special Warfare Command in 2007, he used all his leave to care for his sick mother, a story that touched many.

In 2008, he was part of the 'Top Team' of the Special Warfare Command, a unit signifying the top combat force within the special operations division. Park Gun also possesses various military qualifications, including Special Warrior, Sea Reconnaissance Team, Mountain Specialist Course, Parachute Leader, and First Level Parachute Medal.

YouTube Star and Broadcaster Dex, Former Navy UDT/SEAL

Dex was commissioned in the Navy in 2016 and completed UDT/SEAL 62-2 training. He served four years as a UDT member and was part of the Aark Unit, a Korean military deployment team in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Dex is one of the most active broadcasters today. Leveraging his background as a UDT member, he presents a strong and manly image on television. He recently gained popularity through regular appearances on shows like "Solo Hell 2" and "Born to Travel the World 2," becoming one of the most successful broadcasting transitions by a YouTuber.

Singer Oh Jong-hyuk, Former Marine Corps 1st Recon Battalion

Oh Jong-hyuk is a notable name among special forces veterans in the entertainment industry. He enlisted in the Marine Corps as recruit 1140 and later wrote directly to the Marine Corps Commandant to join the 1st Division Marine Recon Battalion.

He became an exemplary reconnaissance soldier and achieved top marks in various areas. He even postponed his discharge date to participate in winter training. Leveraging his military skills, he is now active in various military-related programs.