King Charles III is reportedly contemplating an unprecedented move to abdicate the British throne, passing the royal responsibilities to his son, Prince William, much earlier than expected, Business Times has learned. This startling development comes amid concerns about the monarch's health and personal challenges within the royal family.

According to sources close to Buckingham Palace (via Globe magazine), the 75-year-old king, who ascended to the throne less than two years ago, has made the difficult decision in light of his deteriorating health following recent prostate surgery. The Buisness Times previously also reported that King Charles III is contemplating an early abdication in favor of his eldest son, Prince William. 

Additionally, Queen Camilla's alleged secret battle with breast cancer has influenced his contemplation of abdication. "Charles always vowed he would emulate his mother, Queen Elizabeth, and rule until his dying day. However, his health concerns and Camilla's illness have him reevaluating his future," a palace insider disclosed.

Prince William, 41, is reportedly overwhelmed by the prospect of ascending to the throne sooner than anticipated. "William is horrified. He's not ready and is imploring Charles to reconsider," revealed a high-level insider.

The Prince of Wales's apprehension is compounded by his wife, Princess Kate's recent health issues, rumored to be ovarian cancer, although officially denied by the palace, as reported by Fox News. The Duchess of Cambridge's recovery is expected to extend until Easter, further straining the couple's readiness for royal ascension.

In a surprising twist, Queen Camilla, initially resistant to Charles's decision, has now shown support for her husband's choice. Despite her aspirations to reign alongside Charles, Camilla recognizes the importance of their well-being and legacy. "Camilla understands her place in history is secure, regardless of how long she serves as queen," the insider added.

The potential abdication has also caught Prince Harry off guard, with reports suggesting he was not informed of his father's plans. This exclusion highlights the ongoing estrangement within the royal family, as Harry learns about significant family developments through the media rather than direct communication.

King Charles's health has been a subject of speculation for years, with visible signs such as swollen fingers and feet indicating possible congestive heart failure, according to the New York Post. "Charles's health challenges have prompted him to reflect on how he wishes to spend his remaining years, preferably away from the public eye," another courtier explained.

The transition of power, should Charles proceed with abdication, will require careful planning and adjustment. The royal family and their advisors are likely to navigate this potential change with great sensitivity, considering the implications for the monarchy's future and public perception.

As discussions and preparations continue behind palace doors, the world watches closely, anticipating the possible ushering in of a new era for the British monarchy under King William and Queen Kate. This shift would mark a significant moment in royal history, echoing the sentiments expressed by former royal butler Paul Burrell, who noted, "The country will embrace a new, young king and queen, fulfilling the legacy of Princess Diana."