Amid the backdrop of King Charles III's health challenges, the British Royal Family is reportedly making decisive moves to ensure that Prince Harry is excluded from any royal inheritance. This development follows Harry's recent, brief visit to his father, which, according to sources, was marked by tension and brevity, lasting no more than 30 minutes.

The visit, which took place a day after Buckingham Palace announced King Charles's cancer diagnosis, was anticipated by Prince Harry to be an emotional reunion. However, insiders describe the meeting as a "short, 30-minute business-like transaction," with one insider revealing to Star, "Harry had hoped for a longer meeting, but things were awkward and tense. He was hurt and felt like he'd been brushed aside."

The dynamics within the royal family have become increasingly complicated since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's decision to step back from royal duties and relocate to the United States in 2020. According to palace sources, during Harry's visit, both Queen Camilla and Prince William, the heir to the throne, reminded King Charles that Harry is no longer an active member of the royal family and should be treated accordingly.

A palace source stated, "Charles is not obligated to leave Harry anything, and Camilla and William are urging him not to-they see the Sussexes as greedy fame-seekers who can't be trusted." This sentiment reflects the ongoing tension between Prince Harry and the rest of the Royal Family, particularly in light of Harry and Meghan's public criticisms and their independent life in America.

Business Times could not independently verify the report of the Inheritance Exclusion. However, King Charles' former worker Grant Harrold said "the king has made it very clear that [Harry] is part of his family and always will be part of his family, but as far as the working part goes, that will be something that we will only see over time...he could ask Harry to take on other duties," as reported by The New York Post

King Charles's health condition has added another layer of complexity to the situation. On February 5, Buckingham Palace issued a statement revealing that a "form of cancer" was discovered following the monarch's surgery for benign prostate enlargement on January 26. A source expressed concern to Star, saying, "Although word is the cancer was caught early, there's concern it could turn into something worse and possibly spread to other organs, which could be a death sentence."

Amid these concerns, King Charles has been seen making public appearances, including attending church with Camilla at their Sandringham estate. However, insiders suggest that the King's public demeanor may not fully reflect his private concerns about his health.

As the royal family prepares for all eventualities, including updating funeral plans and organizing the King's estate, Prince Harry finds himself in a precarious position regarding his financial future and royal inheritance. Having already been financially cut off by Charles upon moving to California, Harry faces the reality of potentially being left out of the royal will entirely.

This financial uncertainty comes at a time when Harry and Meghan are reported to be struggling to maintain their lifestyle in Montecito, with failed entertainment deals and public scrutiny over their use of royal titles for branding.

Despite the challenges, Prince Harry remains hopeful about the prospect of family reconciliation in the face of illness. He shared his optimism with GMA, stating, "I think any illness, any sickness brings families together. I see it time and time again, and that makes me very happy."

As Prince William assumes a more prominent role in supporting King Charles during this health crisis, the possibility of mending fences between the brothers seems increasingly remote. With William determined to protect the monarchy's integrity, the future of Harry's relationship with his family, both personally and financially, remains uncertain.