Amid preparations for the 10th anniversary of the Invictus Games, Prince Harry is reportedly exerting "pressure" on Meghan Markle to accompany him to the UK for the upcoming event, a move that has reportedly stirred some tension within their marriage. The Invictus Games, a significant initiative by Prince Harry to support wounded, injured, and sick servicemen and women, is set to be celebrated on British soil, marking a decade since its inception.

Royal expert and author Tom Quinn shared insights with The Mirror, indicating that Prince Harry is seemingly adamant about Meghan's presence at the games, despite her previous reservations about returning to the UK. This insistence by the Duke of Sussex is said to be causing a notable "tension" within their marriage, sparking widespread speculation and concern among royal watchers. "The Invictus Games - it's one of the few areas of Harry's life where he feels on firm ground," Quinn disclosed, highlighting the importance of the event for Prince Harry.

Meghan, however, has previously expressed a strong reluctance to return to the UK, with royal author Omid Scobie noting in his book "Endgame" that she "never wants to set foot again in England." This stark reluctance paired with Harry's alleged insistence presents a complex dynamic, as the couple navigates the delicate balance between public duty and personal comfort.

Quinn's insights suggest a brewing storm, as he explains, "This is causing huge tension in the couple's relationship." The backdrop of this marital strain is the Invictus Games, an event deeply personal to Prince Harry, having been founded by him to aid and celebrate wounded, injured, and sick military personnel. The games, therefore, are not just an event but a testament to Harry's commitment to a cause close to his heart, making Meghan's participation all the more significant for the Duke.

Despite Meghan's apprehensions, Quinn believes that the phrase "never say never" might be taking on new meaning for the Duchess, especially considering the upcoming games and the recent health concerns surrounding Harry's father, Prince Charles. The situation is a poignant reminder of the intricate web of obligations and expectations that the Sussexes must navigate.

Adding another layer to the narrative, Scobie spoke on the "Something To Talk About" podcast, providing a counter-narrative to the swirling rumors of discord. He relayed that sources close to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex assert they "continue to be happy and in a good place," challenging the speculation of marital troubles.

The tension over the Invictus Games and Meghan's potential return to the UK underscores the ongoing challenges Harry and Meghan face in balancing their new life with the remnants of their royal past. Each decision, each appearance, and each absence is laden with meaning, often interpreted as signals of deeper undercurrents within their relationship and their stance towards the royal family.

As the Invictus Games draw near, all eyes will be on the Sussexes, watching to see if Meghan will indeed join Harry in the UK or if she will choose to remain in the shadows, away from the land that she reportedly vowed never to return to. The situation is a stark reminder of the complex dance of public perception, personal freedom, and the unending scrutiny faced by those who have lived in the glaring spotlight of royalty.