Gary Goldsmith, uncle to Princess Kate, has reportedly agreed to appear on the reality TV show Celebrity Big Brother. This decision, described by royal author Angela Levin as "cruel," raises concerns about potential disclosures that could impact the Royal Family, especially in light of Princess Kate's recent health issues and recovery from abdominal surgery.

Goldsmith, often referred to as the "black sheep" of the family, is said to be motivated by a desire for the limelight, despite his considerable wealth. Levin, speaking on GB News, expressed concerns that Goldsmith's lack of television experience could lead to inadvertent disclosures that might be "very hurtful" to the family. The Middletons, particularly Kate's parents, are reportedly distressed by this development and have attempted to dissuade Goldsmith from participating in the show, fearing the repercussions of any revelations he might make.

The potential for damaging revelations is not lost on former BBC royal correspondent Jennie Bond, who shared her own apprehensions about Goldsmith's participation in the show with OK! magazine. Bond, drawing from her experience on Big Brother, cautioned that the intense environment of the show could lead to unintended slip-ups. She labeled the move as "tacky, demeaning, and tasteless," and potentially "dangerous," given the ease with which private matters could be inadvertently disclosed under the constant surveillance of the show's cameras.

Bond further speculated that the Royal Family, particularly Prince William and Princess Kate, would be disconcerted by the notion of Goldsmith potentially becoming perceived as their spokesperson on the show. Despite Goldsmith's previous public defenses of the Royal Family, particularly his support for William and Kate during challenging times, his participation in Celebrity Big Brother could undermine the family's strategy of maintaining a "dignified silence" about sensitive matters.

The timing of Goldsmith's decision is particularly sensitive, given Princess Kate's recent health struggles and her ongoing recovery from surgery. The Duchess of Cambridge is not expected to resume royal duties until after Easter, adding another layer of complexity to the situation as the family navigates her convalescence alongside the potential fallout from Goldsmith's reality TV stint.

As the Royal Family and its supporters brace for the possible consequences of Goldsmith's appearance on Celebrity Big Brother, questions linger about the impact this "dangerous move" could have on the carefully maintained image and privacy of one of the world's most scrutinized families.