Melania Trump and Taylor Swift have been pitted against each other, but many disagree with those who support the former first lady.

Nick Adams, an Australian-American commentator and best-selling author, posted a photo of Melania and Swift side by side on X, which was previously Twitter. He referred to the former FLOTUS as "classy" and the "Anti-Hero" singer as "trashy."

"Raise your daughters to be graceful women of class like Melania Trump, not promiscuous jezebels like Taylor Swift!" he penned in the caption.

The post drew mixed reactions, with many arguing about the comparison. It also drew a lot of criticism for Melania, with many people sharing her nude magazine cover in the comments section, as well as a lot of support for Swift, who recently made it onto Forbes' list of billionaires.

"Hey, @NickAdamsinUSA Remind me, when did Taylor Swift ever pose nude and married a man bcos she was a gold digger?" one commented. Another responded, "so, mail order bride or self-made women what a choice."

Jezebel an interesting choice of word to call a talented woman who through ambition and determination (and a very talented production team and crew) has reached the very APEX of what's possible in the pop music industry. And then there's the mail order arm candy," a netizen shared.

"When a #MagaMoron claims to be an alpha male and yet is threatened and jealous of a self-made billionaire successful woman who has more money than God," a fourth person stated.

Meanwhile, some have defended Melania. The two women shared similarities. On the other hand, someone reminded others to stop comparing because neither Melania nor Swift wanted them.

"So let me get this straight. I see people trying to trash Melania about nude photos. Yet half the nation waits for many well [known] actresses to do nude scenes because they are sexy. There is nothing NOT sexy or classy about Melania Trump," the netizen said.

"Taylor runs around half-dressed to do the tease act she has done for over a decade - BECAUSE she wants to have the sex appeal to keep her fans looking (which is not easy at all). So what's the difference? Nothing except politics."

"I really hate post like this. Neither woman asked for this. @taylorswift13 is a super talented artist with a great heart," a different user retorted.

Melania and Swift have been compared several times before. In February, another account posted a photo of Melania in a floral outfit that appeared to compare the supermodel to the singer.

"Do you agree Melania Trump is more beautiful than Taylor Swift," the caption read.

The post also received a mixed response. Many people supported Swift, and several agreed with the post that Melania was beautiful.

"#TaylorSwift = pretty. #FlotusMelania = Very Very pretty!" one wrote. Another expressed agreement by writing, "MELANIA SMOKING HOT," along with a photo of her with her husband, Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, The Guardian columnist Arwa Mahdawi suggested that, while Melania left the White House with the lowest popularity rating of any First Lady in history, she could still be an asset to Donald Trump. One of the few things we can say about Melania is that she has never been interested in politics.

For someone who lived a life of unrivaled luxury before her husband decided he wanted to be president, Melania reportedly didn't need to pretend to care about causes, shake hands with paupers, or live in a dilapidated old house in DC. She could do whatever she wanted.

Melania did not appear upset when Donald Trump had to leave the White House. She must be more enthusiastic about Donald's attempts to wiggle his way back into the presidency. The former model skipped his 2020 re-election bid and has been noticeably absent from the 2024 campaign.

Melania attended the campaign launch event in November 2022 and was present when Donald voted for himself in the Florida presidential primary last month, but that was it. According to reports, Donald's detractors have jokingly distributed "Missing Melania" posters at some of his campaigns.

But as the election approaches, it appears that Melania is officially back. She was snapped with much fanfare at a Florida fundraising fundraiser that reportedly raised $50 million (£39.5 million). She is also set to host her first major political event of the year later this month, a Mar-a-Lago fundraiser for the Log Cabin Republicans, an LGBTQ+ conservative organization.

Seven key battleground states will decide the election. A recent poll shows that Trump won six of them.

Arwa suggested that Melania's presence on the campaign trail would be beneficial. The former FLOTUS is not precisely a unifying figure, and she leaves the White House with the dubious distinction of having the lowest popularity rating of any first lady in history, at 47%. Even if she is not universally adored, Donald appears far more appealing to voters when his wife stands by his side than when she maintains a conspicuous distance.

Donald strongly implies that his term will be marked by vengeance and mayhem if he returns to the White House. Trump the Sequel will be much darker and more dystopian than the original: mass deportations, the destruction of democracy, and vengeance on his detractors.

On the other hand, Arwa claimed Melania would be more of the same. While Melania had the Be Best initiative to combat bullying, she could have been a more hardworking first lady.

Melania "avoided being overscheduled, and at times avoided being scheduled at all," according to a book by Katie Rogers, a New York Times White House correspondent. She took to wearing elegant bathrobes "at all hours" and spent a lot of time redecorating and "assembling photo albums of her aesthetic contributions to the White House."