Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's recent public display of affection at a Sentebale charity event in Miami has caught the attention of body language expert Judi James, who claims that the couple's passionate kiss reveals a growing synchronicity between them. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were spotted sharing a tender moment after Harry's victorious polo match, which was likely captured by a film crew documenting their new Netflix series about the sport.

The Sentebale Polo Cup, an annual event co-founded by Prince Harry in 2006, supports young people and children living in southern Africa. This year, Harry captained the Royal Salute Sentebale Team against the Grand Champions Team, emerging triumphant. As he was presented with the trophy, Meghan was there to congratulate him with a big smooch in front of the crowd.

According to The Mirror, Judi James compared the couple's recent polo kiss to a similar event in 2018, noting the differences in their body language. "Back in 2018, Harry, looking all fired-up and full of passion after hammering around on the polo field, planted a very sexy kiss on Meghan's lips, giving the kiss a 'get a room!' quality. His expression was serious, and he looked lost in the moment as he turned his head but kept his torso facing front," she explained.


In contrast, James noted that the couple's current polo kiss "shows the love is still there, but it is a much sweeter, more fun PDA, performed with both their hands on the trophy prize." She added, "The side view of their faces shows both have raised and rounded cheeks here, making it a smiling kiss that suggests good humor and higher levels of sociability than they showed when they appeared lost in the moment back in 2018."

The body language expert also pointed out the increased mirroring between the couple, stating, "It's Harry craning his neck here, and Meghan's heels make her able to kiss at a more even angle. The body language is more mirrored here, illustrating the levels of like-minded synchronicity that has grown over the years."

This observation comes as the Sussexes announced their new Netflix series about polo, which is expected to showcase their shared passion for the sport and their evolving relationship. The couple was seen walking hand in hand, all smiles, ahead of Harry's fundraising polo match in Florida, with a film crew in tow.

The public display of affection at the Sentebale event is not the first time the couple has been seen "polo kissing." In 2018, they made headlines for locking lips at a similar event, though James notes that there are intrinsic differences in the way they handled the traditional royal PDA then compared to now.

As Prince Harry and Meghan Markle continue to navigate their post-royal life together, their body language at public events serves as a testament to their growing bond and like-mindedness. The passionate polo kiss, captured amid the excitement of Harry's victory and their new Netflix venture, offers a glimpse into the couple's evolving love story and the synchronicity that has developed between them over the years.

With the Sussexes' increasing comfort in displaying their affection publicly, fans and observers alike can look forward to more heartwarming moments as the couple continues to support causes close to their hearts and embark on new projects together.