Melania Trump's former staffer retaliated against one of the ex-FLOTUS's admirers who responded to one of her tweets.

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, a former friend and adviser to the first lady, posted a photo of Melania on X, formerly Twitter. She said she took the photo while seated across from Melania on her plane. Winston Wolkoff accompanied the post with a captivating caption.

"Believe me, she knows ... She and he are one in the same," she wrote. "Don't know who are you, but she is the most beautiful famous First Lady in history," a fan of Melania commented.

Winston Wolkoff didn't appear thrilled with the netizen's response. She went on to accuse Donald Trump's wife for supposedly using her as a cover-up.

"I don't care if you don't know who I am, but please educate yourself on how deceitful & morally bankrupt she is," Winston Wolkoff retorted. "I was her only friend & she used me as her COVERUP to cast me as a criminal, who pocketed $26 million, who was then fired (ALL FALSE) & ONLY tells me in privacy, 'NONE OF IT IS TRUE,' yet used the WH & DOJ trying to SILENCE & SUE me. Listen to our conversation for yourself."

Winston Wolkoff also revealed an audio clip of her fight with Melania over her termination and the reported $26 million she received. She received a frigid response from Melania, whom she considered a friend.

"Don't be so dramatic because you were not fired. This came to that because it's politics and we cannot do anything about it," Melania said in the audio recording.

Winston Wolkoff, a party planner, was hired to orchestrate Trump's inauguration. However, the inaugural committee's financial records indicated that her company, WIS Media Partners, received $26 million. It was the most sum paid to a single entity.

The Trump family was dissatisfied, so they terminated her contract with the White House. Additionally, Trump was reportedly "enraged" when he discovered that she engaged another contractor who billed the group nearly $4 million.

Winston Wolkoff, on the other hand, believes that the Trumps used her solely as a sacrificial goat. According to Intelligencer, she believed the financial records were purposely arranged to make her appear as the greatest benefactor in order to divert attention away from their transgressions.

According to Winston Wolkoff, the event damaged her reputation. To the outside world, she appeared to be a scammer and petty crook.