Prince Harry's decision to use the date he and Meghan Markle were 'evicted' from their former royal residence, Frogmore Cottage, as the starting point for his US residency has sparked speculation among royal experts about his 'irritation' with his father, King Charles, and the couple's future plans to live in the UK. The Duke of Sussex recently updated his business records in the UK, making it clear that he no longer resides in Britain, with filings published by Companies House stating his 'New Country/State Usually Resident' as the United States.

Despite the official update occurring this week, Prince Harry chose June 29, 2023, the day he and Meghan officially moved out of Frogmore Cottage, as the date his formal US residency began, rather than when they initially emigrated in early 2020. This decision has led royal biographer Tom Bower to suggest that it reveals Harry's annoyance with his father and is a clear indication that the couple has no intention of living in Britain again in the near future.

"King Charles was quite right to evict Harry from Frogmore, and not surprisingly Harry was irritated. He and Meghan thought they could have their cake and eat it," Bower told MailOnline. "Unfortunately, the King did not go further and strip the Sussexes of their titles. That might have stopped their recent promotional splurge, exploiting their royal titles to earn money. Hopefully, when the King recovers he will reconsider his attitude towards the Sussexes and distance them further from the royal family."

Bower also believes that the Companies House document shows that Harry has "decided to remain in America for the foreseeable future" and should be "firmly told by the King to stop exploiting his royal titles for commercial profit."

The change in residence has also raised questions about Harry's ability to continue serving as a Counsellor of State, one of seven members of the Royal Family who can deputize for the Monarch if he is abroad or unwell. By law, Counsellors of State are required to have a UK domicile, but Harry no longer has a home in Britain after King Charles asked the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to vacate Frogmore Cottage.

Royal author Angela Levin said the change in residence means that Harry should no longer be "a Counsellor of State to stand in for the monarch should it be needed." The situation has become even more urgent due to the King's recent cancer treatment.

Earlier this year, Prince Harry revealed that he had "considered" applying for US citizenship, which would potentially require him to forfeit his royal titles. To secure a US passport, Harry would need to take the Oath of Allegiance, which requires him to "renounce all allegiance to any foreign prince, state or sovereign."

The Duke of Sussex's upcoming visit to the UK in May to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Invictus Games comes amidst his recent loss in a legal bid to appeal against the High Court's UK security ruling in February. Harry now faces a bill of £1 million after being told to reimburse taxpayers for losing a battle with the Home Office over the downgrading of his police protection when he visits the UK.

As pressure mounts on the US government to release Harry's visa records, particularly after his admission of cocaine use in his memoir "Spare," the royal's decision to officially change his residence to the US has fueled speculation about his relationship with the royal family and his long-term plans. The move has also raised questions about his future role within the monarchy and his ability to continue serving as a Counsellor of State.