Wynonna Judd's troublesome daughter Grace Kelley received a heavy dose of tough love following her recent prostitution bust when the country queen refused to pay her lawyer or the tiny $2,500 bail, according to a new report.

Insiders claimed Wynonna was satisfied to leave the 27-year-old bad girl in jail for nearly three weeks, which has led Grace to believe her mother is attempting to abduct her two-year-old daughter, Kaliyah!

Grace, the second of Wynonna's two children with ex-husband Arch Kelley III, was arrested on April 5 in Elmore County, Alabama, after surprised cops saw her exposing her breasts and nether regions at a busy highway crossroads while holding a neon green sign that read, "Ride 4 A Ride."

She was arrested on allegations of indecent exposure, soliciting prostitution, and hindering government operations for refusing to provide her name, Billboard reported.

Kelley has a history of legal issues dating back to 2016 when she was busted for meth possession. In 2018, she was sentenced to eight years in jail for breaching her probation and abandoning a court-ordered drug rehabilitation program.

She was supposedly freed from jail in late 2022, but was arrested and imprisoned in May 2023 for breaking a protection and restraining order, as well as parole, according to The Daily Beast. She was eventually released in October 2023.

Kelly also had a daughter, Kaliyah Chanel, while on a temporary furlough from jail in March 2022.

Meanwhile, Wynonna, 59, threw an over-the-top rodeo-themed party for her granddaughter's April 13 birthday, posting photographs on Instagram and commenting, "Had the best time celebrating my girl's 2nd birthday over the weekend with the best friends, family, and support system we could ask for!""

According to a Judd family friend, Wynonna was delivering a message to her troublesome daughter, who has served six stints in prison in the last seven years.

“She wanted to show Grace that by continuing to live a reckless and dangerous life, she’s missing out on the greatest moments of being a mother to a sweet young daughter. She needs to pull herself together,” an unnamed source told The National Enquirer.

Grace's public defender was able to get the prostitution charge dismissed and the indecent exposure charge reduced to lewd conduct.

Grace was sentenced to 60 days in prison on the obstruction charge and will be there until June 4, along with $1,122 in penalties and court expenses. According to informants, Grace, who has a history of drug-related arrests and probation violations, believes her mother has an ulterior motive.

“Grace believes Wynonna is laying the groundwork to gain legal custody of Kaliyah and plans to fight her tooth and nail,” the tipster said.