When Prince Harry returned to the UK last week, many expected him to spend time with his father, King Charles. However, the Duke of Sussex’s return to London did not include a royal reunion, and this was not his choice.

A representative for Prince Harry claimed that a reunion with King Charles is very unlikely to happen despite the monarch just recently returned to royal duties after cancer treatment. The alleged “snub,” according to reports, was a “sobering” experience, especially since he and his father are just a few miles apart.

“The King may still need plenty of rest and has been advised not to overexert himself. The consensus inside Buckingham Palace was that a one-on-one between Harry and his father would only have raised the King’s blood pressure and caused unwanted anxiety, so he made the decision that he would, regrettably, not be available to meet with Harry,” an unnamed source told Heat UK.

When King Charles' cancer diagnosis was announced in February, Prince Harry flew to the UK to meet his father. A week later, he spoke about the "reunifying" effect of illness on families, which had diverged from his own in previous years.

According to reports, King Charles' decision was expressed "politely and with some regret" with Prince Harry, and while Meghan's husband "took it on the chin" officially, it was a "heartbreaking pill" to swallow in private.

And, while King Charles hopes his schedule will clear up soon so he can devote more time to his son, an insider said that Prince Harry must wait and deal with this choice, whether he likes it or not.

Meanwhile, according to an expert, Prince Harry's fashionable clothing during his recent trip to Nigeria with Meghan demonstrates a desire to move away from the "trappings of monarchy.” The Duke and Duchess of Sussex traveled to West Africa over the weekend to raise awareness for charity issues.

Derek Guy, a menswear specialist, was quick to remark the Duke's cool style, which included an open beige jacket and a white shirt.

 "Prince Harry seemingly has no interest in clothes and dislikes the trappings of monarchy. IMO, this shows through his clothing choices (machine-made pick stitching along the lapel reveals this is a mid-tier ready-to-wear jacket),” he penned on X.

Prince Harry's linen jacket over a white button-down shirt was ideal for the warm weather in West Africa. Typically, British royals are seen wearing hand stitched Savile Row suits. However, Meghan’s husband chose "ready-to-wear" clothing, which is less polished but more handy, saving time.

A tailored suit can take four to six weeks to complete. It may take much longer, depending on the tailor. King & Allen, based in the United Kingdom, predicts that it will take nine to twelve weeks from start to finish.

"Bespoke suits are cut from scratch to fit a client's unique sizing and hand sewn, usually by the same tailor that takes the measurements, whereas ‘made-to-measure’ suits are cut to preset patterns and then altered to fit a clients as closely as possible,” Newsweek’s Jack Royston said.

In 2023, Prince Harry wore a tailor-made suit to the Coronation, opting for a fresh look from French designer Dior.