Prince Andrew is facing shocking new sexual harassment charges from a woman who says the Duke of York unzipped her dress before ripping it down. The incident occurred at a costume party and left other attendees outraged, a new report claimed.

“The woman was absolutely paralyzed with embarrassment, but it was a different time and she let him get away with it. Now that all of the other allegations have been made, she’s rethinking that decision,” an unnamed source told In Touch Magazine.

A number of women had put up with the Prince Andrew’s alleged awful behavior for years, long before his association with Jeffrey Epstein. "Randy Andy," as the press dubbed him, is said to be a nightmare to sit next to at dinner. A female friend even claimed that Prince Andrew, 64, would make all these horrible comments about whether you were wearing underpants and one can't tell him to get lost.

Another society insider claimed that Prince Andrew was obsessed with sex and was constantly indulging in the most crass sexual innuendos, believing it was macho and unaware that most of the women he admired were terrified. Another informant reported that, throughout the 1990s, reports of his boorish behavior in mixed company were legendary.

Rehashing his reputation just adds to the royals' already stressful situation. With King Charles, 75, and Princess Kate, 42, both undergoing cancer treatment, Prince Andrew was left to lead the family's Easter service.

“He should definitely not be representing the family in any way,” the tipster said. It is also believed that any new allegations could push King Charles to finally make a clean break from Prince Andrew.

Interestingly, all the controversies involving Prince Andrew resurfaced lately after the release of the docuseries “Scoop” on Netflix in April, particularly his alleged involvement in the Jeffrey Epstein scandal.

For starters, the drama centers on how BBC journalists obtained the now-infamous 2019 interview with the former senior royal, in which Prince Andrew denied ever meeting Virginia Giuffre, the woman who accused him of sexually abusing her when she was 17.

“That TV appearance is what forced him to step down as a senior royal. The last thing he or the royal family needs is for it to be continually revisited,” the snitch said.

The late Queen Elizabeth II later revoked Prince Andrew of his military titles, and he settled a legal dispute with Virginia for an estimated $16 million in 2022, Time Magazine reported.

Meanwhile, writer Esther Krakue told Sky News Australia that Meghan Markle and Prince Andrew appear to be "the most unpopular royals" in a recent Royal Family popularity poll. The survey revealed that the disgraced Duke of York, whose car-crash Newsnight interview is now the focus of not one but two distinct TV dramas, was seen negatively by 86% of respondents.

Prince Andrew's low ranking was followed by Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, whose new business is unlikely to appeal to the 64% of Britons who acknowledged to having negative feelings toward her.

Meghan and Prince Andrew's decline in popularity contrasts sharply with Princess Kate and Prince William, Princess and Prince of Wales, who both led the polls after earning the nation's admiration for their bravery in dealing with Kate's cancer diagnosis.