Nicole Kidman and her husband Keith Urban are normally extremely quiet about their two girls. However, when the Tom Cruise’s ex-ladylove, 56, received an AFI Lifetime Achievement Award on April 27, Sunday, 15, and Faith, 13, were in the spotlight.

“Right there is the love of my life and the loves of my life. My daughters have never been anywhere publicly with me on a red carpet. Tonight was their first night,” Nicole said as she pointed to Keith 56, and their girls, as per The Hollywood Reporter.

Many of Nicole's close friends were also present for the historic event. The Oscar winner's adult children, Connor and Isabella, whom she adopted with ex-husband Tom, were curiously absent from the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles.

“Nicole did invite Connor and Bella. She loves them, but it’s been a while since she’s seen either kid face-to-face. There’s a huge disconnect between them,” an unnamed source told Life & Style Magazine.

According to the insider, Bella, a 31-year-old graphic designer living in London, speaks with her mother on occasion. Meanwhile, Connor, 29, supposedly wants nothing to do with Nicole, and the two do not speak. Bella and Connor are thought to be close to their father. Even if they had wanted to attend the ceremony, it would have felt disrespectful to Tom.

After Tom, 61, and Nicole split in 2001, the children spent more time with their father while she returned to Australia. They also continued to follow his dubious religion.

Bella and Connor have chosen to be Scientologists, and as a mother, it is her responsibility to love them, Nicole once stated, adding that regardless of ideological differences, her door is always open. "That's what I believe: No matter what your child does, the child has love and the child has to know there is available love," the "Far and Away" star said, as per

According to the informant, Bella and Connor have no present interaction with their half-sisters. Nicole's "dream" might change. "Sunday and Faith have been curious about their older siblings," the tipster continued.

Despite her absence from the AFI event, Nicole has cause to be positive about her reunion with Bella. The artist still goes by Bella Kidman Cruise on Instagram and routinely "likes" images posted by her mother, including one from her big event on April 27.

“Bella sent Nicole a sweet DM, too. That’s how Bella supported her mother. It may seem like a small gesture, but Nicole will take whatever she can get. She is really hopeful that they’ll reconnect one day,” the snitch stated.

Business Times has reached out to Nicole Kidman for comments.