Anne Hathaway was moved to tears after seeing the tremendous warm response to her new film from the audience.

“You have no idea the gift that you’ve just given us. I will never forget this screening,” the actress gushed at the premiere of “The Idea of You” in Austin on March 16, as per The Hollywood Reporter.

More praise for the film, which launched on Prime Video on May 2, came when Anne traveled the promotional circuit. While things appear to be going well for her lately, there's a lot she'd like forget, from being put in difficult positions at work to seeing the man she'd planned to marry imprisoned for fraud.

“Anne has been through so much, both publicly and privately. She’s been famous since her teens and experienced scrutiny over her appearance, her personality, her fashion choices — she had to build up a very thick skin,” an unnamed source told Life & Style Magazine.

Anne, 41, rose to prominence in 2000s romantic comedies. However, life behind the scenes was not always as idyllic. The "Princess Diaries" star recently said that she had to kiss ten guys to find out who she had "chemistry" with for one film.

“I was told... ‘Aren’t you excited to make out with all of them?’ .... I thought it sounded gross,” Anne explained how she agreed to the request throughout her "chronically stressed" youth. “I was so young and terribly aware how easy it was to lose everything by being labeled ‘difficult,’” she furthered, as per NBCNews.

It wasn't the first time a situation appeared beyond her control. Anne parted from her boyfriend of four years, Raffaello Follieri, in 2008 when he was charged with running a high-stakes scam. He finally spent four years in prison.

“I spent a week in shock. The rug was pulled out from under me,” “The Devil Wears Prada” star, adding that the scandal made her more guarded, The HuffPost reported.

Unfortunately, Anne was taken aback again when the internet erupted in anger for her. While a much-maligned 2011 Oscars co-hosting gig provoked outrage, things escalated when Anne earned her own Academy Award in 2013 for "Les Misérables."

Anne admitted that her "toxic" online persona cost her jobs and left her feeling "punched in the gut." She believes that people needed a break from her.

In the end, Anne describes it as a "good thing" since it helped her recognize what was important. Welcoming sons Jonathan and Jack with husband Adam Shulman gave her additional perspective and led to her getting sober over five years ago.

“The way I drink leads me to have hangovers, and those were the problem. When I’m at a stage in my life where there is no enough space for me to have a hangover, I’ll start drinking again,” Anne explained. The “Get Smart” actress said she is more grateful now and more settled in herself.