Amazon Web Services (AWS), the world's largest cloud service provider, stated on Tuesday that it has not canceled any orders for Nvidia chips and plans to purchase Nvidia's next-generation Blackwell chips.

Contrary to media reports claiming AWS had completely transitioned its orders from Nvidia's H100 to the newer Blackwell GPU, an AWS spokesperson clarified that the transition to Blackwell was specific only to Project Ceiba and that AWS would continue to offer cloud services based on the H100.

"To be clear, AWS did not halt any orders from Nvidia. In our close collaboration with Nvidia, we jointly decided to move Project Ceiba from Hopper to Blackwell GPUs, which offer a leap forward in performance," the spokesperson explained.

AWS announced at the end of 2023 a partnership with Nvidia to launch the world's largest cloud AI supercomputer, Project Ceiba. Following Nvidia's announcement of the new Blackwell GPU in March this year, Project Ceiba was also officially updated to include the new chip iteration.

Some analysts point out that AWS's clarification is crucial for investors as the demand for Nvidia chips is considered an important indicator of the health of the entire AI and cloud computing industry.