As Prince Harry and Meghan Markle celebrate their sixth wedding anniversary, rumors of a potential divorce within the next three to five years have begun to circulate among royal experts and commentators. The couple, who stepped back from the royal family in 2020 and currently reside in Montecito, California, with their two children, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet, have faced increasing scrutiny over their relationship dynamic and future together.

Political commentator Samara Gill shared her thoughts on the matter during a conversation with TalkTV host Kevin O'Sullivan. "I'm going to call it I think that there's going to be divorce in the next three to five years, and I hate to say that but I'm sorry," Gill claimed. She suggested that Meghan Markle, as the breadwinner of the family, may be feeling weighed down by her responsibilities and could potentially seek out new opportunities in the future.

Gill further speculated about Markle's motivations, stating, "When the money pot starts to dry up, that's when people like Megan who had a previous relationship with a producer, wonder why as a Hollywood actress she married a producer, who then didn't really help her with her career, who she then left jumped to the next option."

The commentator also touched on the couple's initial meeting, suggesting that Markle "came to London wanting to be with a footballer it was for PR thing she ended up accidentally landing in the hands of Harry who was in a very very dark spot playing you know third wheel to Kate and uh William."

Kevin O'Sullivan echoed Gill's sentiments, noting that Markle and Prince Harry come from very different backgrounds. "I think she's the one with the energy I agree with that she's the one with the ambition and that's because Simon they come from very different backgrounds," O'Sullivan said. "I think that Prince Harry does not understand ambition he really doesn't because he you know-- and I actually quite respect Megan in one respect. It's not easy to battle your way through the Hollywood jungle I know that I used to live there and the Hollywood jungle consumed me and spat me out like yesterday's breakfast but that isn't the point".

Royal author and expert Tom Quinn also weighed in on the couple's relationship dynamic, describing Prince Harry as "a lost little boy" alongside Meghan Markle, who "makes up for his own weakness." Quinn told The Mirror, "No one has ever doubted that Harry and Meghan do not have an equal partnership - when Harry famously said, 'what Meghan wants Meghan gets,' he neatly summed up the situation."

Quinn continued, "Harry has always come across as a lost little boy, overprotected by the Royal family as a child and then suffering the death of his mother he has always seemed unsure and indecisive, always searching for a strong partner who makes up for his own weakness. Meghan is very much that partner. She is ambitious, determined and a real fighter - Harry always tries to fight alongside her, but the battling, complaining Harry we see now did not exist before Meghan's arrival on the scene."

However, Quinn warned that Markle's dominant personality might not always be a positive aspect of their marriage. "For now, Harry loves the fact that Meghan gives him some of the backbone he always lacked, but her dominance in the relationship may not always be welcome - what charms us and delights us early on in a relationship doesn't always stand the test of time," he said.

The couple's absence from Prince Harry's longtime friend Hugh Grosvenor's wedding in Chester this week has also fueled speculation about their relationship. According to reports, Prince Harry received a "save the date" card but called the groom to say it would be too awkward if he and Meghan attended, clearing the way for Prince William to perform his role as usher at the ceremony.