A relationship specialist claimed that Ben Affleck has made the decision to remain in the country while his wife, Jennifer Lopez, has left the country in the midst of reports that they are about to divorce. This decision is said to demonstrate that the actor has reconsidered his priorities.

During this week, Jennifer took a trip to Positano, Italy, without her husband accompanying her. Although she was on a boat excursion with her companions, she was observed taking selfies of her derriere, as seen by the photographs that were obtained by The New York Post.

Jennifer appeared to be in a good mood and even smiled in a few of the photographs. While all was going on, Ben made the decision to remain in Los Angeles. Wednesday was the day that he was observed riding a motorcycle with his son Samuel, who is 12 years old.

Louella Alderson, co-founder of So Syncd and an expert in celebrity relationships, recently gave an interview to the Mirror in which she discussed the situation involving Ben and Jennifer. She is of the opinion that the "Justice League" star is having difficulties in his marriage, which is why he must have made the decision to alter his priorities.

"Ben staying in LA with his kids could also be a sign that he wants to prioritize his family and spend more time with them. This could signal that he may not be as invested in the marriage or may be struggling with finding a balance between his personal life and relationship," Louella explained.

"Ben staying in LA with his kids could also indicate that he and Jennifer are focusing on their own separate lives for the time being rather than trying to constantly work through any issues within their marriage together,” it added.

The expert, on the other hand, pointed out that Ben and Jennifer would benefit from spending some time apart in order to work on their issues. She believes that being apart from one another "can actually be healthy for a relationship" since it provides the partner with the opportunity for "individual growth and self-reflection."

"Taking time away from each other also helps to maintain a sense of independence. When you're apart, you have the opportunity to miss each other and appreciate your time together even more. Then, when you get together again, you have new experiences to share and talk about, keeping the relationship fresh and exciting,” Louella stated.

According to reports, Ben and Jennifer have also been living apart from one another. Recently, he relocated to a rental home that is located in close proximity to the residence of his ex-wife, Jennifer Garner. The exes have three children together: Violet, who is 18 years old, Fin, who is 15 years old, and Samuel.

The singer of "Let's Get Loud" and the actor of "Gone Girl" fanned the speculations of a divorce when they chose to put their marital home, which was valued at sixty million dollars, up for sale. However, Ben and Jennifer have not yet commented on the rumors that they are going to divorce.

While all was going on, Ben made an appearance on the fourth season premiere of Kevin Hart's chat show "Hart to Heart" on the Peacock network on Thursday. Because he did not enjoy the attention, he stated that he appeared irritable in the majority of the paparazzi photographs that were taken with Jennifer.

In addition, he referred to Jennifer as "my wife" and made it clear that he did not mind the fact that other individuals were taking photographs of Jennifer; nevertheless, he stated that it was a "different thing" when it came to his children.

"I don't mind, you can take my picture at a club or a premiere, with my wife, I don't give a f**k. Knock yourself out. I don't notice you. But with my children, that's a different thing,” Ben stated, as per Us Weekly.

Business Times has reached out to Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez for comment.