Prince Harry is reportedly contemplating a permanent return to the UK and the royal family, but without his wife, Meghan Markle. This revelation comes from royal historian and biographer Hugo Vickers, who shared his insights during a conversation with The Sun.

"I think he'll come home. If he comes home, it will be very nice for him, because he won't particularly want to, he's quite angry I think," Vickers stated. He believes that King Charles has kept the door open for reconciliation, which might pave the way for Harry's return to royal duties. This move would mark a significant shift in the dynamics of the British royal family, given the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's controversial departure in 2020.

Vickers also expressed that Harry had been performing well in his royal duties before stepping down. "He was doing such a good job before...he looked so happy. Usually, you're happy when you're doing your duty, and you're doing it for other people, and you're putting things into life," he added. However, the historian suggested that Harry might be "petrified" of losing Meghan, which complicates the situation.

Royal editor Matt Wilkinson echoed these sentiments, noting reports that Harry has been feeling homesick. "I don't know Harry, but I don't think that is the life he maybe wanted," Wilkinson said, reflecting on the couple's current life in California, far removed from the royal responsibilities they once held.

Harry and Meghan's exit from royal duties, often referred to as "Megxit," was marked by a series of controversial remarks about their experiences within the royal family. Their candid disclosures have strained relationships with senior royal figures. Despite this, Vickers believes that a return could be beneficial for Harry, though he sees it happening without Meghan.

The potential for Harry's solo return brings to light the ongoing challenges within the royal family. Vickers lamented what could have been, had the couple remained in their roles. "What is terribly sad is the late Queen gave them the whole of the Commonwealth to explore. William and Catherine would do the home things and the Commonwealth - to which they were both committed [would be Harry and Meghan's]." This arrangement seemed ideal, yet it wasn't sufficient for the Sussexes, leading to their departure and the subsequent fallout.

Harry's homesickness and the idea of returning to the UK have been points of discussion among royal watchers. Reports suggest that despite the glamorous life in the US, Harry may be yearning for the sense of duty and fulfillment he once felt as a working royal. The historian's claim that Harry is "petrified" of Meghan adds another layer to the narrative, hinting at underlying tensions that might influence his decisions.

The couple's life in the US, which includes their $14.65 million mansion in Montecito, California, contrasts sharply with the duties and responsibilities they left behind. While they have embarked on various projects, including Netflix deals and public appearances, the question remains whether this is the life Harry envisioned for himself.

Royal expert Hugo Vickers emphasized the sadness of what has been lost. "It could've all been so wonderful and it's turned out not to be," he remarked, reflecting on the missed opportunities and the current state of affairs. The idea of Harry returning alone to fulfill his royal duties presents a complex picture of personal and public responsibilities.