In a dramatic revelation, it has been claimed that Prince William expelled his younger brother, Prince Harry, from their shared household following explosive allegations of bullying against Meghan Markle. Historian Robert Lacey's book, "Battle of Brothers," revisits the intense fallout between the siblings over a dossier of claims that Meghan created a "toxic" work environment, leading to at least one staff member reportedly suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

The tensions reached a boiling point when Jason Knauf, the brothers' joint communications secretary, compiled a dossier outlining the allegations against Meghan. This document, which detailed the alleged mistreatment of staff, was forwarded to William's private secretary, triggering a chain reaction that culminated in a fierce confrontation between the two princes.

William, who had always held a deep respect and fondness for the staff involved, was reportedly incensed by the contents of the dossier. He believed the allegations and saw Meghan as fundamentally hostile to the royal system. This belief led to a heated phone call with Harry, who vehemently defended his wife and accused the royal circle of orchestrating a smear campaign against Meghan.

The conversation ended abruptly with Harry hanging up on William, only for the elder prince to seek out his brother for a face-to-face confrontation. According to Lacey's account, this showdown was both "fierce and bitter," leaving a lasting rift between the once-close siblings. William, feeling justified in his previous reservations about Meghan, instructed his private secretary, Simon Case, to immediately begin the process of separating their households.

"William threw Harry out," a friend of the brothers is quoted as saying in the book. The decision to separate their offices marked the end of a decade-long joint household at Kensington Palace. The division not only physically distanced the brothers but also symbolized the deepening schism within the royal family. Harry and Meghan subsequently moved to Windsor before eventually stepping down from their royal duties entirely.

Harry was reportedly hurt that William believed the accusations, while William was "appalled" by the alleged behavior of his sister-in-law. This incident added fuel to the ongoing speculation and media scrutiny surrounding the couple's departure from royal duties, often referred to as "Megxit."

The allegations in the dossier claimed that Meghan had bullied two personal assistants out of their jobs within a year and suggested that she consistently targeted staff members. Knauf, who had compiled the reports, stated he had received numerous complaints about Meghan's behavior, describing it as "unacceptable."

In response to the allegations, the Sussexes have steadfastly denied any wrongdoing. They assert that Meghan was the victim of a coordinated smear campaign and have expressed disappointment that William considered the claims credible without further investigation. The allegations and subsequent fallout have only added to the complexities of their relationship with the rest of the royal family.

The book also touches on broader issues within the royal family, including Harry's belief that there was racism within the royal circle. However, Lacey's account does not specify whom Harry accused. This belief, coupled with the alleged bullying claims, intensified the divide, leading to Harry and Meghan's decision to permanently distance themselves from royal duties.

Kensington Palace has declined to comment on the allegations made in Lacey's book. The silence from the palace contrasts sharply with the detailed and dramatic narrative presented by Lacey, leaving much to speculation and interpretation.