President Joe Biden managed to hold onto the Democratic nomination on a tense day in Washington, but the risks of his decision not to step aside were starkly highlighted when a Democratic senator warned that Donald Trump could win the election in a "landslide." This sentiment encapsulates the growing concern among Democrats about Biden's ability to secure another term in the White House and the potential implications for the party's control of Congress.

Colorado Senator Michael Bennet voiced these fears publicly, telling CNN's Kaitlan Collins, "Donald Trump is on track, I think, to win this election and maybe win it by a landslide and take with him the Senate and the House. For me, this isn't a question about polling. It's not a question about politics. It's a moral question about the future of our country." His remarks came after he, along with other Democrats, expressed concerns privately in a meeting, further intensifying the debate within the party.

Biden's recent performance at a debate, which many viewed as lackluster, has exacerbated doubts about his campaign. The White House attempted to mitigate these concerns during emotional meetings with Senate and House Democrats, but even some of Biden's supporters expressed reservations about his tactics and capacity to run a winning campaign. The situation has left many Democrats worried not only about the presidency but also about their chances of retaking the House and holding the Senate.

Biden's letter to lawmakers on Monday, asserting his commitment to the race, was intended to quell the growing dissent. However, former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's advice to fellow Democrats to "just hold off" on public criticisms highlighted the delicate balance the party is trying to maintain. Biden is scheduled to hold a solo press conference at the end of the NATO summit, a test that could either stabilize or further jeopardize his standing.

The president's recent speech at the NATO summit in Washington was seen as one of his strongest public appearances in recent times. Biden's rhetoric was bold as he stated, "Remember, the biggest cost and the greatest risk will be if Russia wins in Ukraine. We cannot let that happen." Despite the commendable delivery, the event underscored the scrutiny Biden faces with each public appearance, where any slip-up could reinforce the doubts about his capability to lead.

Senator Bennet's public criticism has underscored the anxiety within the party. He is not alone in his concerns. Senators Sherrod Brown of Ohio and Jon Tester of Montana have also expressed doubts about Biden's ability to beat Trump. Biden's poor debate performance, combined with his insistence on remaining in the race, has fueled a sense of urgency among Democrats who fear a potential defeat could have catastrophic consequences.

Despite these concerns, there are still strong voices within the party supporting Biden. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer stated, "I'm with Joe," while Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman humorously acknowledged Biden's age but affirmed his support, saying, "But we also agreed that he's our guy."

The Congressional Black Caucus has also thrown its support behind Biden, highlighting the president's significant achievements and the risks of a Trump presidency. However, frontline Democrats facing tough reelection battles remain anxious. Texas Representative Marc Veasey criticized Biden's attempts to bounce back from the debate, expressing doubts about the president's ability to regain momentum.

New Jersey Representative Mikie Sherrill became the seventh House Democrat to call for Biden to step aside, praising his past achievements but emphasizing the need for new leadership. "Because I know President Biden cares deeply about the future of our country, I am asking that he declare that he won't run for reelection and will help lead us through a process toward a new nominee," Sherrill stated.

In contrast, Vice President Kamala Harris delivered a powerful speech in Las Vegas, attacking Trump and presenting a strong alternative within the Democratic ticket. Her remarks served as a reminder to some Democrats of the potential benefits of a different candidate leading the charge against Trump.