Prince William is shutting the door and throwing away the key to his younger brother, Prince Harry, a new report claimed.

"Make no mistake, William is keeping Kate and his family well away from Meghan and Harry. The door of Adelaide Cottage is shut, and there is no way in for Harry and Meghan. William knows that Harry can’t be trusted and doesn’t want any more upset in his family,” former royal butler to Diana, Princess of Wales, Paul Burrell told Daily Express.

For starters, beginning in 1987 and continuing until 1997, after the tragic death of the princess, Paul worked for her. During this period, the best-selling author was also responsible for the care of a young Prince William and Prince Harry, who would later blame Paul for writing a book about their mother in the early 2000s. It was during this time that the author did her assistant work. At this point, it would appear that the future king might be in agreement with some of the allegations that the former royal adviser has leveled about the Duke of Sussex.

After that, Paul went on to claim that His Royal Highness simply considers Prince Harry to be "background noise" at this point, and that it is likely that he is alright with never speaking to him again because of what he wrote about him in “Spare.” While reading the book, the prince with fiery hair made a joke about his older brother's "bald head" and accused him of beating him in 2019. This was only one of the many insulting passages that were included.

In addition, the former butler made the statement that the monarch-in-waiting would "explode" in the event that Prince Harry ever made a critical comment about the Princess of Wales during a hypothetical face-to-face meeting. In addition to this, he disclosed that Prince William is now the Prince Philip of the monarchy and "rules the family" as a result of King Charles III's hectic schedule as the head of state.

"William is sensitive, he likes structure and has perseverance. He does not give up easily. His relationship with brother Harry upset him more than he would care to admit. But he found it easier to cut ties rather than allow himself to be continually annoyed,” veteran royal author Ingrid Seward said of Prince William and Prince Harry’s ongoing rift.

"His father got cancer and Kate had a serious abdominal operation. Later to announce she too had to have cancer treatment. William played both mother and father to the children while he carried on with his royal duties supporting the Queen in his father's absence. The traumas of the past year have made him a stronger person. He has become the kind of man Diana always hoped he would be. Kind considerate and able to take on whatever life throws at him.” Ingrid went on.

It has been reported by some with knowledge of the situation that the two royal brothers have not communicated with one another since the State Funeral of Queen Elizabeth II on September 19, 2022. As soon as King Charles was diagnosed with cancer on February 6, Prince Harry immediately rushed to meet with his father. Insiders told OK! Magazine that the two of them had a conversation that lasted anywhere from twelve minutes to one hour.

Business Times has reached out to Prince William and Prince Harry for comments.