As they continue to live their lives like “prom events,” Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been unconcerned about the criticism they have received, a royal expert claimed.

Since it was reported that the Duke will be receiving the Pat Tillman Award for Service, Prince Harry has been subjected to criticism, Express UK reported. The mother of the late NFL player and war hero pointed out that there are "recipients that are more fitting."

"I get the impression that life for Meghan Markle at the moment is a sort of prom event and [Harry] is the prom king and she's the prom queen and she's setting up all these events over the years that they can attend together. Although at the Living Legends of Aviation one, she actually didn't turn up with him because a similar controversy had happened before the event and then she didn't go with him,” royal commentator Charlotte Griffith told Palace Confidential when asked if Prince Harry and Meghan were being “tin-eared.”

"I'll be very interested to see if this time next week she goes with him. Serena Williams, her great friend, is presenting the award so she may well attend. Life isn't a red carpet event for them to show off their brand, there are some very serious events out there and they are being tin-eared,” Charlotte went on.

A royal expert has questioned why Prince Harry would accept the Pat Tillman Award, which is named after a military hero. The expert has described Prince Harry as being "out of his depth" in an attempt to explain his decision.

The Duke of Sussex was nominated for his work with the Invictus Games; but, some people have said that it cannot be compared to the selflessness displayed by Mr. Tillman, who turned down a deal to play in the National Football League in order to join the United States Army and was ultimately murdered by friendly fire.

 "I think it is a bit uncomfortable, he doesn't need an award. I think what he did with the Invictus Games was brilliant and I am glad he is still doing things for them. The problem is it gets tied up with this need for reinvention, publicity, which they're always doing. I feel sorry for happy because he looks unhappy, I think he is out of his depth if I am to be honest,” royal biographer Hugo Vickers told The Sun’s Matt Wilkinson on his "Royal Exclusive" show.

"The difference between what they’re [Harry and Meghan] doing and what the British Royal Family are doing—the British Royal Family are working for the nation, the Commonwealth, and Harry and Meghan seem to be working for themselves. And that’s always unattractive I think,” he went on.

Business Times has reached out to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for comments.