In her pursuit to broaden her social horizons and find herself that elusive new man, Kim Kardashian is currently hanging out with some serious big shots. She is also trying to find herself that elusive new partner, and she is looking for an older millionaire type.

“If you’d ask Kim six months ago who was on her dating wish list, she’d have named off a bunch of sports stars. She was even flying across the world to go to soccer games because she had her heart set on being a WAG. But after things went sour with Odell [Beckham Jr.], she changed up her whole game plan and she’s now saying it’s time for her to date a different kind of man,” an unnamed source told Life & Style Magazine.

In recent conversations with her friends and family, Kim, who is 43 years old, has expressed that she is "done with the pretty boys and the hunks," and that she is now looking for a "power player."

“She’s got all her girlfriends helping her with the hunt. She’s been hanging with a more high-level crowd and she’s really hoping that will put her in the same room with the right kind of man. She wants to settle down, not just play around, so in her view it makes a lot more sense to go higher up the food chain and pick a man with billionaire status,” the insider added.

Despite the fact that the "Kardashians" star enjoys "having her own money and being a boss," the informant claimed that "it's still a turn on for her to have a man take care of her."

“Since she’s got so much money herself, the only guy that’s really going to be able to do that is a billionaire. She wants a man with prestige and maturity, and most importantly money. She looks at someone like Salma Hayek and thinks that’s the way to go,” the tipster furthered.

For starters, Salma, who is 57 years old, tied the knot with the business billionaire Francois-Henri Pinault in 2009. According to Bloomberg, Pinault is estimated to have a net worth of $28.1 billion.

It's common knowledge that Kim hasn't had much luck in love over the course of her life. After she ended her relationship with her ex-husband Kanye West in 2021, she began dating Pete Davidson. Eventually, she went on to a relationship with Odell, who is 31 years old.

After dating for a period of six months, Kim and Odell eventually decided to end their relationship in March, as per Marie Claire. They had kept their relationship largely hidden from public view. Another mole has confirmed that they have broken up and has revealed to Life & Style in an exclusive interview that their relationship has "just fizzled out."

“Kim and Odell weren’t ever that serious, but right now they’re at different places in life. It was just fun but not happening anymore,” the spy stated about the reality star and professional athlete.

While this was going on, another snitch within the company stated that Kim was having a difficult time embracing the fact that she was no longer in a relationship and that she had even been calling her ex-boyfriends late at night.

“While Kim always regrets it the next morning, in the moment, no one can stop her. Half the time, they don’t even answer. Kim’s friends are begging her to delete these guys’ numbers so she stops embarrassing herself, but she refuses,” the tattler said.

Business Times has reached out to Kim Kardashian for comments.