It cannot be denied that Train to Busan was a hit worldwide. As a matter of fact, the 2016 South Korean zombie apocalypse action thriller film earned a total of $93.1 million following to its global release. Being the highest-grossing film in Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong, it comes as no surprise that fans are already asking for a sequel, which is likely to be called Train to Busan 2.

While there are still no clear details about the rumored Train to Busan 2, reports suggest that a sequel to the Gong Yoo-led movie will totally be in the works soon. In fact, Movie Web said writer-director Yeon Sang Ho confirmed that another installment will be released in the near future. Yeon even revealed that he is, currently, completing the screenplay and is planning to begin filming sometime this year.

"It is an extension of Train to Busan, after the virus has spread throughout Korea, but the characters are not the same," Yeon Sang Ho revealed to Screen Daily when asked about the possibility of having Train to Busan 2. "It shares the same world view and is a zombie action film that deals with the aftermath on the peninsula of what happened in Train to Busan. I'm still writing the script, but the scale is rather large since there will be action with something to it," he added.

Should things go smoothly, the Train to Busan 2 movie is expected to pick up where the first film left off. The sequel, however, is said to focus on the spread of the zombie virus throughout the country. Among the characters expected to make a come back in the second installment include Seok Woo (Gong Yoo), Su An (Kim Su An), Seong Kyeong (Jung Yu Mi), Sang Hwa (Ma Dong Seok), Yong Guk (Choi Woo Shik), Jin Hee (Sohee), Yon Suk (Kim Eui Sung).

Other personalities who are predicted to appear in Train to Busan 2 include Shim Eun Kyung, Kim Chang Hwan, Jang Hyuk Jin, Park Myung Sin, Ye Soo Jung, and Choi Gwi Hwa among others. While these predictions and speculations are not impossible to happen, it should be noted that nothing is confirmed up to this writing. Hence, everything should be taken with a grain of salt until the film producers and distributors verify these claims.

No official release date for the sequel is announced yet. For now, stay tuned to Business Times China for the latest news and updates about Train to Busan 2.