Kate Middleton and Prince William just celebrated their eighth wedding anniversary in April. While their loved ones and close pals are clearly very happy for their nearly a decade of marriage, divorce rumors continue to make rounds and hound the Royal couple's relationship. So, are Pippa Middleton and Prince Harry's siblings splitting soon?

Reports about Kate and William fighting over "secrets and lies" continue to swirl online. Things, allegedly, exacerbated when the older son of Princess Diana was linked to Rose Hanbury, who is said to be a close pal of the Duchess of Cambridge. Rumors are rife that William and Rose have been cheating on Kate.

Pippa's sister, reportedly, got so furious after learning about the alleged affair that she, allegedly, tried to get Rose booted from the Royal circle. Neither Kate Middleton nor Prince William has commented on the supposed "cheating scandal." However, the older son of Prince Charles threatened to file a lawsuit against In Touch Weekly for publishing such malicious claims.

Despite these unending divorce rumors, Kate and William continue to prove to the public that their marriage is very much okay unlike what the tabloids have, previously, claimed. As a matter of fact, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge effortlessly debunked the rumors when they shared new photos of them along with their three kids - Prince George of Cambridge, 5, Princess Charlotte of Cambridge, 4, and Prince Louis of Cambridge, 1.

The snaps featured the Cambridge family enjoying each other's company in the garden Kate Middleton designed at the Chelsea Flower Show. One image even showed Prince Louis holding a twig as Prince William looks on him. Another photo showed Prince George and Princess Charlotte enjoying time together as they submerge their feet in a small river.

Kate has been working on her garden for months with the help of Davies White Landscape Architects' Adam White and Andree Davies. William's wife has been advocating for the benefits of connecting with nature on physical and mental health. The Duchess, also, believes that spending time outdoors and enjoying the beauty of nature and the environment have a positive impact on child development.

The recently released photos proved that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, who both appeared so happy spending time with their family, are on good terms. It also discredited the claims that the Royal couple are, already, considering filing for divorce. Hence, fans should quit buying all these baseless and malicious divorce rumors from now on. Stay tuned to Business Times for the latest news and updates about Kate Middleton and Prince William!