Devoted followers of Lee Min Ho are now excited about his upcoming return to the small screens. It has been, approximately, four months since the former lover of Suzy Bae finished his mandatory military service. Now, the 32-year-old Hallyu superstar is said to be preparing for his imminent new project.

To recall, Lee Min Ho served as a public service officer at the Suseo Social Welfare Center in Gangnam District Office. He entered the Korea Army Training Center in Nonsan, South Chungcheong province in March 2018 and completed his military training a month after.

"Today, Lee Minho, an actor we've been waiting for a long time is coming back to us," MYM Entertainment, which manages the career of Lee Min Ho, said after the City Hunter actor was discharged on April 25, 2019. "Please continue showing your love and interest for him and he will say hello with a better look," the agency added.

Avid supporters of Suzy Bae's former boyfriend celebrated when the actor, finally, completed his mandatory service, especially since most of them are very much thrilled to see him make a TV comeback. Fortunately, Lee Min Ho landed a new role in the up-and-coming SBS drama titled The King: The Eternal Monarch, where he would be playing the lead role alongside Kim Go Eun.

Reports have it that the forthcoming new television show would enter on the story of Korea in two parallel worlds. The first world has a democratic type of government while the other one practices monarchy. Lee Min Ho would be playing as Emperor Lee Gon and Kim Go Eun would portray the role of a detective named Jung Tae Eul.

Recently, Lee Min Ho shared some interesting details about the imminent The King: The Eternal Monarch series. The Legend of the Blue Sea actor went live on Instagram on Friday, Aug. 23. In the broadcast, Min Ho shared updates during his Gapyeong trip and showed his followers his scenic views in the background.

At some point, during the live session, Lee Min Ho revealed that he would start working on The King: The Eternal Monarch very soon. The ex-beau of Suzy Bae even shared that the script for the upcoming television series was finalized already and that it would arrive sometime in March 2020.

"Actually, the script is out already. We're going to start filming soon, the earliest we may begin filming is in September. The drama is scheduled to begin airing in March," Lee Min Ho said. "I'm going to become the king of romance so please anticipate it," he added.

Min Ho, also, assured fans that he would be working hard to reciprocate their unconditional love and unwavering support. Stay tuned to Business Times for the latest news and updates about Lee Min Ho!