WARNING: This article contains One Piece Chapter 953 spoilers, predictions, and theories that may influence your enjoyment in discovering the plotlines. Read at your own risk.

Many fans are thrilled for the upcoming release of One Piece Chapter 953. While most readers got a little troubled when reports about the delay of the imminent new installment is highly possible, Business Times debunked the rumors because the next chapter would be released on time. So, what should the followers of Eiichiro Oda famous manga series expect?

Spoilers for the forthcoming One Piece Chapter 953 have been making rounds online since last weekend. Reports have it that the next installment would center on the story of Straw Hat Pirates vice-captain Roronoa Zoro, Gyukimaru, Kawamatsu the Kappa, and Momonosuke Hiyori.

Titled as "One Time Fox" episode, One Piece Chapter 953 is expected to show the conversation of Hiyori and Kawamatsu when they were at the Bandit's Bridge. The duo is planning to go to Ringo where they would be getting the armaments they would use in the impending war against Kaido and the rest of the Beast Pirates. A fox named Onimaru watches the tombstones in Ringo.

Though Kawamatsu had a very good memory with Onimaru, the fox would not be able to recognize him. As Kawamatsu gets closer to the headstones, Onimaru bit his former pal to stop him from getting the weapons buried along with the dead samurais. It remains to be seen if Kawamatsu and Hiyori would be able to achieve their mission in One Piece Chapter 953.

Other speculations claimed that Hiyori would ask Zoro to return the Shusui to the Wano Country. Initially, the close pal of Monkey D. Luffy did not agree with Hiyori's demand. However, the latter offered another legendary weapon called Enma in exchange for the Shusui. It would be revealed in One Piece Chapter 953 that Enma is the sole weapon that left a mark on Kaido's body.

Aside from Zoro, there are also reports saying that One Piece Chapter 953 would be about Luffy's comeback to the fighting scene. It was previously claimed that Dr. Chopper was able to find a remedy to The Mummy Virus, which the Straw Hat Pirates captain contacted in the previous chapters. This, according to reports, is a sign that Luffy's plans in the Udon Prison are likely to be freed and might participate in the upcoming big battle.

The imminent new chapter is expected to be released on Monday, Aug. 26. Stay tuned to Business Times for more One Piece Chapter 953 spoilers, theories, news, and updates!