A lot of fans are, now, thrilled for the upcoming return of the American primetime television soap opera to the small screens. Fallon Carrington (Elizabeth Gillies) have been through a lot in the previous seasons and more are expected to come in the next installment. So, what should we expect in the imminent Dynasty Season 3?

The CW has kept mum about the details of the forthcoming third installment of this famous television and Netflix show. For starters, Dynasty is a reboot of the soap opera in 1980s of the same name. While there are a lot of modern twists injected to the plotline, the show retained some of the magic that made the original version great. Its charm is expected to continue throughout the entire run of Dynasty Season 3.

Reports have it that the upcoming new installment would pick up where the second season left off. It can be recalled that Season 2 ended with a bang. Aside from the explosive revelations during wedding of Blake Carrington (Grant Show) and Cristal Jennings (Ana Brenda Contreras), it also showed Liam Ridley (Adam Huber) being in serious danger after his fight with Adam Carrington (Sam Underwood). Because of this, some fans wondered if Fallon and Liam's love story would continue in Dynasty Season 3.

Fortunately, Liam is alive and he would be reunited with Fallon in the forthcoming third installment. However, it remains to be seen if the couple would still pursue wedding, especially after Adam harmed Liam and two dead bodies were spotted in the Carrington Lake. Theories suggested that Dynasty Season 3 might not show Fallon tying the knot with Liam just yet due to the never-ending chaos in the Carrington family and the heiress' personal life.

Aside from that, Fallon could also be in a great danger with Adam's plans to destroy her. It is said that the elder son of Blake Carrington would bring the "sibling rivalry" to a whole new level in Dynasty Season 3 as he tries to avenge to everyone. There are, also, reports saying that Steven Carrington (James Mackay) could make a return in the next installment.

It is claimed that Steven is making his comeback soon after Fallon and Sammy Jo (Rafael de la Fuente) put him to rehab. To recall, Steven flew off to South America after he learned that Joseph Anders (Alan Dale) is his real father and not Blake. Though James has not posted anything related to Dynasty Season 3 in his social media accounts, avid followers of the show are positive that he would be back in one of the upcoming new episodes.

The fate of Jeff Colby (Sam Adegoke) and Michael Culhane (Robert Christopher Riley), after their failed plan to bring Blake down, are also likely to be revealed in Dynasty Season 3. There are, also, theories saying that Blake's half-sister, Dominique Deveraux (Michael Michele), could be the series' next big bad following the departure of Alexis Carrington (Nicollette Sheridan) in the previous season.

The upcoming new installment is said to premiere on October 11, at p.m., on The CW. Stay tuned to Business Times for more Dynasty Season 3 spoilers, theories, predictions, news, and updates!