Song Hye Kyo, 37, has remained tight-lipped about her divorce from Song Joong Ki, 33, until now. The Descendants of the Sun actress, initially, did not have any knowledge about her ex-husband's plan to break up. Because of this, avid followers of Hye Kyo expressed their disappointment with Joong Ki.

The former lovebirds have finalized their divorce on July 22, 2019. However, up until now, most of their fans could not believe that their fairytale is over. Before Song Joong Ki announced his decision to divorce Song Hye Kyo, rumors about the state of their marriage had swirled for several months, with some claiming that the two have been separated for quite some time already.

"I have decided to pursue a divorce suit against Ms Song Hye-kyo and decided not to go in depth about the mistakes each of us made," Song Joong Ki said in his official statement in June. "I apologise for the absence of personal reasons behind the divorce and hope I will be able to recover soon from the pain to show you all a good performance as an actor [in future]," the Arthdal Chronicles star added.

The talent agency of Song Hye Kyo confirmed the divorce reports and claimed that "differences in their personalities" have mainly contributed to their decision to split. At the time, the United Artists Agency (UAA) encouraged fans not to spread malicious rumors and accusations about the subject. Following the release of his official statement, Song Joong Ki refused to talk about the divorce since.

Almost three months since the divorce was finalized, Song Hye Kyo returned to social media by posting new photos of her on Instagram. The newly shared snaps featured Song Joong Ki's ex-ladylove wearing different outfits while showcasing the latest collections of Korean sneaker brand Suecomma Bonnie.

Song Hye Kyo even tagged photographer Mok Jung Wok in the caption. As of this writing, the said post has a total of 994,150 likes on Instagram. Meanwhile, the former wife of Song Joong Ki is, reportedly, taking up a short-term course in New York City.

When asked for a confirmation about the said rumor, UAA said that it has no liberty to confirm the whereabouts of Song Hye Kyo. The Full House actress, reportedly, flew off to the Big Apple for the New York Fashion Week, a month after her divorce from Song Joong Ki has been finalized. Hye Kyo has not returned to South Korea since then.

Hye Kyo is, currently, on a hiatus from acting to focus on herself, following her high-profile breakup with Joong Ki. She is said to go back to acting next year. Stay tuned to Business Times for the latest news and updates about Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo!