Traveling nowadays, due to the novel coronavirus outbreak, doesn't seem like a very good thing to consider. Especially when it comes to the risks and the dangers one has about to face, it is indeed better to limit one's exposure to the virus.

Unfortunately, to some people, traveling is a must to do. No matter what your reasons are if you are one of those who have been left with no choice but to travel and visit the places that are at risk of the virus, authorities have several things they want you to remember. Here are some of those.


As of the moment, 26 people have been tested positive for the coronavirus in this area. Despite the increasing number of people infected with it, Japanese authorities claim there is still no reason for guests to fear as there is still no outbreak for the illness in the country.

To keep their country safe from more risks, foreign guests are examined thoroughly for fever and other signs of the virus. Chinese nationals and foreigners who have stayed in Hubei Province within 14 days before their travel to Japan are also being observed under special circumstances.


Compared to Japan, Singapore has a higher rate of confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus. Inflicted about 45 people, the country now has the highest number of people suffering from the virus next to China.

Singapore's tourism is now turning for the worse. Statistics show an average of up to 20,000 loss of international visitor arrivals is what is happening in the country at present daily, as reported by Straits Times.

Despite this, Keith Tan, who is STB Chief Executive, remains positive the situation in the country is still under control and there is still no reason for international guests not to visit their place. "...we're very confident in the measures the Government has in place to contain the cases here", he shared.


As with other countries in Asia, many countries have now issued travel advisories when visiting Taiwan amid the novel coronavirus outbreak. Some of these countries include the Philippines, South Korea, and Israel. This they do "to prevent the inflow of the novel coronavirus into the country through a third nation".

Traveling through Asian countries at present is risky and authorities are urging travelers to take precautions and increase their awareness with regards to the virus, as revealed by The Online Citizen. Furthermore, maintaining a healthy and strong physique, keeping good personal hygiene, wearing a protective mask, reducing activities outside homes, and avoiding public interactions are also effective in protecting oneself from the outbreak.