The British Royal Family is one of the most popular and richest families in the world. It is not surprising, though, as they are all royalties and heirs, who have a lot of inheritances from their ancestors. What is surprising is that Queen Elizabeth II is not "technically" the richest among all the members as per claims.

Today, the Royal Family of the United Kingdom has a "collective" net worth of over £69.3 billion. It was also noted that they cost the government £67 million in the most recent fiscal year.

According to Express UK, the overall wealth of the royals have various sources. These include "inherited" assets, the Duchy of Lancaster, and the Sovereign Grant.

In a traditional sense, Queen Elizabeth II is the current holder of these sources and wealth. As stated, they are all passed on to the next heir from another.

The most popular inherited assets of a monarch include the Balmoral Castle and Sandringham Estate. As for the Duchy of Lancaster, it is a "portfolio" of lands and assets, including private properties, which the Queen is the only one who has access to.

It is also noted that the Crown Estate is also a different portfolio. This holding reportedly owns the Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, and other assets that are not under Queen Elizabeth II's name.

The publication also explained that the Sovereign Grant is the "income" of the monarch that comes from the government and taxes. However, these funds can only be used by the Queen and some members of the Royal Family for official duties and renovations of properties under the Crown Estate.

All in all, though, Queen Elizabeth II is revealed to be the 365th richest personality in the world. Her net worth is rated at £370 million, which is also the same figure of net worth she had last year.

Next to the Queen, Prince Charles has a current net worth of £354.2 million. Aside from the assets under his name, he has the Duchy of Cornwall where he also gets an income.

Prince Philip, Prince William, and Prince Harry were said to be in the same range when it comes to their respective net worth, which is around £30 to £40 million. But, as for the richest among all, it was claimed by Reader's Digest that Prince George and Princess Charlotte have the highest net worth.

Based on the analysis, the royal siblings have a net worth of £3 billion and £5 billion respectively. The reason being is that the figures were reportedly varied on the UK's economy and their assumed worth in the following years.

In short, they are technically the richest royals among the family. However, if considering the official documents and liquidity, Queen Elizabeth II remains to be the richest of them all.