One thing that has left potential Tesla buyers is the longevity of use. The American company seems fully aware of that concern, and CEO Elon Musk reveals a great update for their upcoming EV variants. The Tesla Model X will now have up to 351 miles of range while the Tesla Model S will soon get more than 400 miles, developments that align with the company's goal of long drives.

Musk did not divulge what tweaks they made to the Tesla models, broadly saying that it was all because of small hardware improvements made on the car. These new features were introduced gradually the past several months said the CEO in a tweet.

Moving ahead, there are more updates from Tesla on the horizon. All these enhancements will be made via a software update. In a previous post, it was discussed how Tesla was working on engineering improvements to make the Tesla Model Y, Model S, and Model X have longer ranges. So far, the numbers have been a big jump from the previous ones. Like in the case of the Model Y, it can now drive at 315 miles, an improvement from its previous 280 miles range.

Regardless of the improvements of distance, it remains that Tesla needs to back all that up with ready charging stations in select regions. They have more than 14,000 Supercharge networks worldwide. When a Tesla vehicle goes low on charge, added mileage of up to 100 miles can be enjoyed if charged in as little as 15 minutes.

The more miles potential owners can get from a Tesla vehicle is expected to help in marketing the EV plug-ins. The distance by which an electric vehicle could travel has been debated, but it appears their recent breakthroughs should douse water on those doubts. And should that hold the course, the lingering possibility of seeing a spike in demand looms.

One of Musk's future plans includes possibly setting up a new gigafactory over in Texas. He made the tease when he put up a poll on Twitter. If it gains ground, Tesla's expansion should help boost their goal of expanding the availability of their Tesla vehicles. Currently, they have gigafactory projects in China and Germany. They do have one in Buffalo, New York, although this focuses more on energy products.

However, their operations in China are likely to take hit, with most businesses forced to shut down due to the novel coronavirus temporarily. It remains to be seen how this will impact Tesla's surge, although expect Musk and company to have that amply covered.