Summertime is about to grace the world a few months from now. It is the perfect time to explore the world, to visit the beaches, to swim with sea creatures, to embrace the salty wind of the beaches, to dance underwater, and to get-away from all the stress and problems you have had for the past months. No wonder why a lot of people are getting ready for it. It is indeed one of the best times of the year.

There are a lot of beautiful beaches that await you around the world. All of them showcase the unique beauty and magnificent picturesque view, according to Coastal Care. But if you still don't have any idea where to spend your 2020 Summer Vacation Escapade, read on. You might want to consider these amazing destinations.


If you adore healthy marine life and diverse ecosystem, you may never want to miss Fernando de Noronha in Brazil. This paradise is loved by marine biologists and naturalists so much that the government is protecting this beauty big time.

Aside from the serene view and amazing colors of emerald waters, blue skies, and luscious green trees, you will surely be able to spot lemon and reef sharks, sea turtles, rays, and even some species of dolphins in the sea. You don't have to be a diver to explore this place. You only need to have your goggle or snorkel and you are already good to go.


Considered as "the southernmost coral cay of the Great Barrier Reef", Lady Elliot Island is also a must to visit if you want to experience the best scenery the ocean has to offer. Covering about 45 hectares, the island is surrounded by clean waters and a healthy ecosystem, which is a haven for sea turtles, manta rays, leopard sharks, and barracudas, and other sea creatures.


If you want to meet and swim with one of the world's most endangered animals then you must visit Abu Dabbab Bay. Located in Marsa Alam in southern Egypt, this awesome place is the home of the endangered dugong also known as the "sea cow", as shared by Marsa Alam.

The bay also hosts giant sea turtles, which oftentimes visit the shore to nest. There are also harmless guitar sharks that would sometimes swim with you along with the dugongs and dolphins. Furthermore, you will surely be in awe of the beautiful reefs, colorful fishes, underwater caves, shipwreck, and a canyon. The experience you will have in this place will be the cherry on top of your grand vacation.