For several years, the Cupertino tech giant has been rumored to release MacBook models that would run on ARM processors. At present, Apple MacBooks run on Intel processors. But, recent news reveals Apple's plan of utilizing its ARM-based chips inside Mac and in MacBook Pro models.

ARM on Future Macs and MacBooks

The latest report comes from TFI Securities Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, which shed more light on the Cupertino company's move to use its ARM chips instead of Intel chips. This news could be very beneficial to Apple, especially since its previous product releases were affected by the delay of Intel chips. In other words, Apple would have more control when it comes to the development and release of its chips.

Benefits Of ARM

Additionally, it would be more efficient and could use the same tight integration between the hardware and the software, just like with its iPad and iPhone platforms, according to Forbes. ARM processors offer better performance compared to Intel, according to Apple Insider. Moreover, for engineering reasons, it produces lower heat compared to Intel.

Disadvantages Of ARM

But the transition from Intel to ARM could affect everyone since it includes more than just a code break between versions of the macOS. A move from Intel to ARM-based Macs and MacBooks could mean possible rewriting and recompiling everything, notes Forbes. The step could be hard for Apple if the new Macs does not come with full support.

It would also give developers a tough time, especially when it comes to the latest system. Consumers would be affected too, considering that there is a chance that they might not get the apps they need.

Release Details

If Apple is indeed planning to move from Intel to ARM for its future Macs and MacBook models, the earliest that we could hear more about this plan would be in Jun 2020. The Cupertino company holds its Worldwide Developers' Conference in Jun. and there is a chance that the announcement could happen on this event. If this happens, developers would be given ample time to develop and improve their applications based on the new Apple system.

If Apple is on a fast track, it could initially launch the ARM by Oct. 2020. The full launch might happen next year. But, this information is not yet official, so we suggest taking the details slowly. Apple would definitely make sure that the transition from Intel to ARM would not be as painful as what many imagine.