Microsoft's next-generation gaming console is arriving on the holiday of 2020. Even before the Xbox Series X was officially unveiled, the industry has been hearing about the term Teraflop(s). Recently, the Redmond-based tech juggernaut got technical and shed more light on what the term Teraflop means for its next-generation gaming console.

Xbox Series X Teraflop

Over the past weeks, the gaming industry has learned from Xbox boss Phil Spencer that the Xbox Series X would feature 12 Teraflops of power. Although the term is common these days, some players could not really appreciate the value of the term. Thankfully, the gaming titan now offers an explanation of the term Teraflop and what it means for the upcoming next-generation gaming console.

On its official Twitter account, Xbox says that the term Teraflop is 'a unit of computing speed equal to one trillion floating-point operations per second.' What could players get then with Xbox Series X's 12 Teraflops power? It means that with that amount of power, Microsoft's next-generation gaming console could do a lot of tasks in a fast manner. The Xbox One already offers half of the power of the Xbox Series X. In other words, it is not a new technology, but Microsoft simply increased the console's power.

Comparing Teraflops

The current generation gaming consoles, as mentioned earlier, are already operating in Teraflops. The standard PlayStation 4 has 1.84 teraflops while the more powerful PlayStation 4 Pro features 4.2 teraflops. Meanwhile, the standard Xbox One console has 1.31 teraflops while the Xbox One S and Xbox One X has 1.4 teraflops and 6 teraflops, respectively.

Based on this data, the Xbox One X has the highest GPU teraflop count. The upcoming Xbox Series X offers twice the number and power. Sony has not yet revealed the teraflop count of the PlayStation 5, but considering that its rival has a high Teraflop count, it is apparent that the PS5 would also offer a high count.

Does The Teraflop Does the teraflop count of the next generation gaming console really matter? In a way, yes, but gamers these days are not really particular about this. The majority of the gamers are after the console exclusives and content. Both the PS5 and the Xbox Series X are promising to offer impressive specs, gigantic power, blazing speed, and advanced technology.

The judgement between the two rival gaming consoles could be objectively given when both finally arrives sometime in the holiday of 2020.