"Resident Evil 3 Remake" is still a few months away from its official release. However, Capcom recently announced that a demo is coming soon, which means players won't have to wait for the official launch to get a taste of the game. Surprisingly, it appears that the upcoming title would not feature Live Selection, and Capcom explains why.

"Resident Evil 3 Remake" Live Selections

Last year, Capcom said that some features in the original "Resident Evil" title wouldn't be in the upcoming horror-survival title "Resident Evil 3 Remake." It appears that aside from removing some fan-favorite game features, the game developer is also axing some parts of the game, including multiple endings and live selections.

Capcom Producer Peter Fabiano shared in an interview why they decided to change "Resident Evil 3 Remake" in this manner. According to the producer, the Live Selections feature was introduced before because Capcom lacked development time. It was the team's way to introduce replayability to the game, Fabiano revealed.

Since this is not an issue with "Resident Evil 3 Remake," the Live Selections feature is no longer necessary. Capcom also wants that in this game, it could offer players a more consistent story instead of that which varies from one player to another. Fabiano also mentioned that the Live Selections were removed so Capcom could tell a coherent story with Jill.

Other Details

Apart from the Live Selections feature, Capcom also shared that several features are no longer available in "Resident Evil 3 Remake." The Mercenaries mode, which subjects the player to fast-paced scenarios when they play the role of a mercenary escaping the stage as fast as possible, will no longer be in the upcoming horror survival remake title. A recent "Resident Evil 3 Remake" also showed a makeover that the Nemesis would get in the game.

Another leaked screenshot reveals that the terrifying subterranean boss Grave Digger is returning in "Resident Evil 3 Remake." With the latest details about the upcoming title, it looks promising and shaping to be a substantially different game from the original release. If Capcom would be able to release "Resident Evil 3 Remake" at par or better than "Resident Evil 2 Remake," then it might become the game's definitive version.

Release Window

"Resident Evil 3 Remake" is slated to arrive on Apr. 3, 2020. The game is now available for pre-order at $60 for Xbox One on Amazon. Although Capcom already said that a demo is coming, so far, the game developer has not yet revealed when exactly it would be released.