George and Amal Clooney don't seem to be planning to add another bundle of joy to their twins, contrary to earlier rumors about the celebrity couple. A year ago, the Clooneys were rumored to be expecting another twin after the actor made a hand sign that some misinterpreted.

Woman's Day claimed in March 2019 that George and Amal were expecting again after the couple arrived at a charity event at Buckingham Palace and assumed that Amal had a baby bump. The tabloid added that the Catch 22 actor subtly confirmed that new twins are on their way by holding up four fingers as he walked beside his wife at the red carpet.

"George was subtly telling the world that he's about to have four kids on his hands," a source of the tabloid claimed.

The insider added Amal was also avoiding "tight-fitting clothing" because of her pregnancy. Woman's Day made absurd claims despite George and Amal previously stating that neither of them is thinking about adding more babies in their growing family. The human rights lawyer gave birth to their twins Ella and Alexander in June 2017.

Life & Style magazine also claimed that Amal is pregnant and already having the same food cravings when she was pregnant with their twins. Gossip Cop debunked all Amal's pregnancy rumors at the time. A year later, Clooney and Amal have not welcomed new twins in the family.

Despite the obvious false report about the couple, Woman's Day continues to fabricate stories about them. Just recently, the same tabloid alleged Clooney has been leaning on his friend Julia Roberts over his marriage.

It also claimed that the Money Monster actor and his lawyer wife have been living apart for a couple of months now. Woman's Day alleged there has been growing tension between the couple.

Apparently, Amal is too focused on her job while George has been hanging out with his friends while leaving their twins to the nanny. The tabloid claimed Brad Pitt's BFF has been spending a lot of time at their Lake Como villa in Italy with his friends.

Gossip Cop once again disproved the rumor. The truth of the matter is both George and Amal are in London while the former is filming his latest movie, The Midnight Sky. The actor's rep confirmed that the Clooneys are all in London since filming started in October.