Weeks have already passed since Meghan Markle left the United Kingdom to embark on a new life outside the British Monarchy. While the Sussex couple's royal exit will officially start at the end of the month, it appears that they have already settled down in their Vancouver Island home.

Aside from their plans to step down as senior members of the Royal Family, the Duke and Duchess also made it known that they want to live "financially independent." This is why speculations over her return to Hollywood have been quite apparent in recent weeks.

As per Express UK, some publications recently claimed that Meghan Markle and Tom Cruise might do a movie together. The headlines came after a few magazines "sparked" the rumors that the Mission Impossible star is "keen to share the screen" with the Duchess of Sussex.

Given that she now has the freedom to accept projects from various industries, there could be higher chances and possibility of the two making a movie together. This is also the reason why royal fans and supporters have been excited these past few weeks as per sources.

While no direct confirmations have been made yet from both parties, a new developing narrative has been making the scene earlier this week. Based on reports, it was said that Tom Cruise is trying to "recruit" Meghan Markle for his religion, Scientology.

According to the sources of these reports, the Duchess, allegedly, "reached out" to the actor through a common friend, Oprah Winfrey. Although it was not cleared out as to why the royal wants to get in touch with Katie Holmes' former husband, the sources attested instead that Tom Cruise saw the moment as the "perfect opportunity" to invite the Duchess and "infiltrate."

It was then alleged that the two celebrities secretly met in London to visit the British Scientology headquarters just a few days prior to her return to Canada. This was followed by the supposed "meet-up" in Canada where the actor, allegedly, set up a "private tour" for Meghan Markle to check Scientology's British Columbia headquarters.

While the narrative, as well as the source, has maintained its claims, despite the lack of confirmation and evidence, Gossip Cop straightened out the allegations and revealed that none of these things are true. Therefore, Meghan Markle will not accept Tom Cruise's "invite" since there is no invitation that happened in the first place.

Moreover, the reputed publication also pointed out that all of the recent headlines centering on the two celebrities are all "untrue," including the said movie starring the two of them together.